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Eliminating the Time Constrain with 24X7 Online Chat Support!

Acadecraft is a leading EduTech services provider offering both live and software-based online chat support for its clients in Australia.
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Key Issues

With the rising trend of digital learning, education is not restricted to specific time-frames anymore. But, it is often inconvenient for educational organisations and EduTech companies to offer 24x7 online support to their learners. So, they search for professional online chat support providing companies that can deliver full-time support on their behalf. But, many chat support providing companies do not offer their services during the night. It is because experts are not available during nighttime. Also, they do not offer automated chat support. Even if they do, the services are pretty expensive.

Also, only qualified and experienced subject matter experts should deliver chat support services. As there is no scope for correction during live chats, there should not be any errors. But, many SMEs offering the services are inexperienced, so they often commit errors. It harms the client’s business.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft offers online chat support by senior subject matter experts. Our experts are available for a live chat even at night. They are well experienced and have a very high accuracy rate. Also, they follow the layout of the answers given by the clients. Hence, we ensure that our services are business-friendly.

Also, we offer both software-based and expert-based services for more than 30 subjects. Our software delivers accurate and error-free chat support for almost all types of numerical and logistic queries. Moreover, our clients can customise the software to feed the chapters required by them. All our services are incredibly affordable and have no hidden cost. Our clients can verify the credentials of our experts. We offer long-term services to our clients.

Types of Online Chat Support Services

professional online chat support services
Live Expert-Based Chat Support

Our subject matter experts deliver the services live on a real-time basis. Both numerical and subjective queries are answered within a maximum of 30 minutes. Our experts have an almost 99 per cent accuracy rate in live chat support.

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Software Based Online Chat Support

The software-based online chatbots are usually designed to solve numerical and logical queries. However, our clients can customise them to solve subjective queries as well. Our engineers offer full-time maintenance support to our clients.

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Doubt Clearing Support

The doubt clearing sessions are special online chat sessions conducted by our SMEs. Our experts solve all types of topic-based doubts during these sessions. Our clients can schedule the sessions as per their requirements.

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Online Q&A Support

Our experts solve all types of questions, including objective as well as subjective questions. The questions are solved as soon as they arrive in the system. Multiple SMEs conduct these sessions together to ensure that no question remains unanswered.

Our Clients

online chat support in AUS

E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft offers multiple edutech services, including Online Chat Support, Online Tutoring Support, Animated Educational Videos, Study Materials, and online quizzes to the eLearning industry. We follow the WCAG guidelines to design accessible web content.

professional online chat support services in AUS

Tuition Centers

The tuition centres use our services to provide full-time support services to their learners. We also offer customised content development services, proofreading services, assessment paper development services, etc., to the tuition centres in Australia.

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft offers full-time chat support and doubt clearing services for educational organisations. We deliver textbook development, practice papers, solution manuals, and many other quality services within deadlines.

24x7 online chat support in AUS

How does it work?

Acadecraft first connects with our clients to know their requirements. Accordingly, we schedule the shifts of our subject matter experts. Next, the assigned SMEs connect with the clients to discuss the project and work instructions. Once our experts are familiar with the project, they start working on it. Our clients can directly connect with our clients to monitor the work progress. Also, we are always open to feedback and suggestions given by our clients.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, and deliver the most effective online chat support to clients in Australia!

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