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Get your presentation excellently designed by the world’s reputed PPT presentation designing company.

Acadecraft brings slides to life that meet the standards of your corporate or business and are exclusively unique in terms of designing styles.
ppt presented services

Key Issues

In today’s market, professionally designed PPT presentations are quite important so that whatever projects you are working on; it is to be presented confidently. At times, these PowerPoint presentations are significant for elevating the image of your company, products, or services instantly. Making interactive presentations with the help of multimedia helps in creating a greater visual impact upon the audience. It is also quite helpful in office settings where teamwork is done in a collaborative manner.

Through PPT Presentation, content can be easily shared with the world. These presentations can be easily uploaded on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. In fact, these videos can be saved in the WMV format, through the medium of which the videos can be exclusively playback on Windows Media Player. However, in most companies or businesses, PPT presentations are being effectively used as a medium of communicating effectively with the audience. Like, if the presentations are text-heavy, then it will be beneficial for the lecture purpose, whereas, if they are image-heavy, then it will make the presentation more conversational in style. Thus, it provides visual aids to the listeners.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a well-renowned presentation design company that provides the best-in-class designs for presentations. We have a team of dedicated in-house presentation designers who designs custom animation slides and that provides 100% satisfaction. All our presentation design services offered by our team are of high standards and verified that provide a visual identity to business and corporate.

We strive to work 24*7 for our clients and make sure to customize designs that best suited your brand or business. Once you choose to work with us, you can get the presentation of your choice, irrespective of the designing style. Also, we can bring your slides to life by harnessing the full power of major presentation suites, whether it’s any simple transition or full animation. As our experts are creative in nature, you get the presentation with a spectrum of design styles that seems like a powerful addition to your business or brand. What makes us unique in this field is that we understand the significance of confidentiality and security. Thus, we employ the latest technologies from our end to design PPT presentations that stand out from the rest.

Types of Services

Acadecraft provides in-depth services with excellent PPT presentation designs in emerging markets. Here top-level services are provided by employing the latest technology and strict in-house regulations.

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Conference Presentations

Acadecraft loves designing presentations for conferences and our team has worked with numerous leading speakers worldwide. We design compelling conference presentations where the slides tell the story.

Corporate Presentations

Our designers are experts in designing corporate presentations as per the corporate demands. We use clear formatting and simple styling that helps in communicating the brand or business effectively and succinctly.

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Training Presentations

Whether the presentation is required for e-learning, webinars, or for classroom purposes, we excel in creating all those presentation slides for training purposes. All the training slides are made convenient for the trainee.

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Marketing Presentations

We provide excellent presentations for your marketing channels with the help of which you can clearly communicate with your KPIs. Whatever presentation we provide, we present it with clearly outlined illustrations, texts, and graphics.

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Sales Presentations

At Acadecraft, there is a separate sales and designing team that are dedicated enough to turn around sales presentations overnight. They can effectively communicate with the brand and are always ready to impress potential clients.

ppt presented services in AUS
Technical Presentations

The designers at Acadecraft are experienced in creating complex graphics and illustrations to communicate in a clear and effective way. They create presentation slides that are technically complicated.

Our Clients

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Communication Technology

Acadecraft works with various communication technology industries that deal in technological trends like AI, Big Data, Quantum Computing, Distributed Cloud, etc, and engages with their clients through Chatbots, Podcasts, interactive audio, etc.


E-learning Industry

Acadecraft helps various e-learning platforms to give its learners an immersive learning experience. It involves adapting various e-learning trends like gamification, adaptive learning, microlearning for various LMS and LXP platforms.

PPT Presentation Designing Company in AUS

Hospitality Industry

Acadecraft tie-ups with various hospitality industries by offering exclusive PPT presentations for IoT, predictive analysis, AR/VR, Blockchain, Automation, Chatbots, etc. We are experts in delivering comprehensive tools and solutions required by it.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, designing PPT presentations is a simple process. We will guide you throughout the process through the medium of the online platform.

Here, first of all, you need to upload your content either in Google Slides or as a . PPTX file. Then you can upload your brand guidelines; choose the design style, the language of your desire, and a specified time limit of up to 24 hours. As the complete process is online, you will get a rough idea of the auto-generated price. Within an hour of placing your booking, you will get an email from our project manager who will inform you whether the order placed has been approved or not. As soon as your draft presentation is ready, you will be notified to take a look at it. Here you will be able to view all slides and add comments to them if any changes are required. You can opt for revisions within a few hours. If you are happy with the slides, then you can approve them and proceed to download them in the PPTX file format. Then you need to pay the amount that has been quoted originally or as being discussed with the project manager.

The best part of our PPT presentations is that the slides in them are totally editable, so you can customize and change them as per your needs.

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