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Delivering Resources for Numeracy and Literacy Test Of Australia

Acadecraft is an eLearning agency providing Compass test prep services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The COMPASS Literacy and Numeracy Assessment is conducted by ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research). It assesses the numerical and literacy level of learners. Mostly, the assessment targets the primary and secondary level learners. However, schools and learning centres fail to meet the training for literacy and numeracy standards. A study found, 9.6% of clients didn’t meet the required standard of literacy, and 10% didn’t meet the standard for numeracy. Therefore, to meet the standards they approach professional COMPASS test prep services.

However, not all service providers meet the ACER standards. Some lack in developing engaging learning material, while others don’t have technical expertise. Sometimes, clients put their brand reputation at risk by availing low-cost service providers. Freelancers or private tutors often charge low, but they are not available 24/7 for clients. Therefore, outsourcing credible COMPASS Test Prep services become essential for clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft aligns services with the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) to create high-quality test prep materials. With us, clients get the certified services. Here, our subject matter experts have the technical and academic expertise to develop engaging assessment solutions. To advocate the clients’ requirements, we underpin the relevant questions and create engaging content. Also, we put more emphasis on visual elements with 24/7 support from the test administrator if required. Acadecraft provides interactive evaluation features for clients with real-time progress tracking features. Our implemented assessment instructions are easy to follow for learners and instructors. For learners with limited understanding or excellent knowledge power, our test prep matches both categories. We serve global clients, hailing from different time zones. Our primary USPs are higher ROI and an increasing consumer base for clients.

Types of COMPASS test prep services

At Acadecraft, we offer Australian clients high-quality and effective COMPASS Test prep services. We provide education for all kinds of learners belonging to primary and secondary grades.

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Online (web-based) assessment

Acadecraft delivers web-based assessment solutions to clients worldwide. It contains the login credentials that are accessible by users and instructors only. The digital assessment contains an automated evaluation system that reduces the evaluation burden of clients. An interactive set of questions allow learners to complete each assessment in the stipulated time.

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Revision notes

Acadecraft offers customized COMPASS Literacy and Numeracy Assessment exam note service tailoring to clients’ requirements. Our subject matter experts have years of experience in literacy and numeracy. Also, our academic writers incorporate various flexible methods to provide exam notes in a suitable format. Here, we provide insights or explanations to sophisticated concepts.

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Q and A

Acadecraft delivers a set of interactive questions and answers for complex concepts. It contains engaging aptitude and reasoning-based questions with proper answers. Here, we provide a study guide to review general literacy and math topics, from algebra basics to writing skills development. Moreover, our critical thinking tests measure learners' critical thinking abilities.

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Practice tests

At Acadecraft, we deliver PDF print versions of the practice tests and worked solutions. They are primarily designed as resources for learners after they have attempted the online practice tests but may also be of value to prospective learners and clients. Our subject matter experts deliver a range of question types, content, and difficulty that matches the actual test.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft is the certified provider of COMPASS Literacy and Numeracy Assessment for eLearning clients in Australia. Our accessible versions of practice tests, web-based assessments, and worked solutions work for different eLearning programs.

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Australian schools count on Acadecraft to get developed COMPASS test prep materials. With us, clients get the complete solutions with student motivation techniques, literacy awareness, reading assessment, and more.

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Coaching centres

Acadecraft offers comprehensive assessments for Australian coaching centres. Several private tutoring centres across the nation are associated with us for interactive COMPASS test prep solutions. Our solutions meet the quality standards of ACER.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver comprehensive test prep solutions for COMPASS. Here, our academic professionals adhere to curriculum standards and use cutting-edge tools.
First, our project manager designs the blueprint to analyze the client’s requirements. Next, our strategist team picks the right test prep services aligning with project requirements. Then, academic writers and the production team integrates relevant resources to develop test prep material. Finally, the quality analysts’ team reviews the solution and proofreads it to maintain its efficacy.
Thus, we design, pick, integrate, and review before delivering the project.

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