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As a leading gamification platform in Australia, Acadecraft delivers optimal gamified learning to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Key issues Integrating gamification services in learning and training modules motivates target audiences to give their best. So, clients seek to consult with professional service experts to create customized game-based learning modules. Gamification design requires high expertise and adequate human resources. Hence, an in-house team is not enough to deliver optimal solutions.

Therefore, specialized gamification services are available to deliver gamified solutions. But not all can use gaming techniques to upgrade client's learning modules. They lack professionals who can efficiently integrate gaming elements into the training programs. Some do not have qualified SMEs to break down complicated concepts into bite-sized learning solutions. Besides, in-house teams rarely have the expertise to create gamified learning modules. They lack game designing experts and knowledge. Therefore, clients must carefully decide before choosing the most suitable agency.

How can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft's gamification services are customized to meet organizational gamification needs. Our software developers, SMEs and content creators work together to design unique gamification solutions for learning. With our multilingual gamification services, clients worldwide meet their training and learning objectives. We integrate practical features to motivate client's target audiences like feedback systems, leaderboards, levels and rewards in gaming platforms. We ensure enhanced learner engagement, customer conversion rates and ROI. Our services are available 24/7 and worldwide.

Types of Gamification services

Acadecraft designs engaging modules that enhance the learning experience of learners. Our specialists' team integrates high-quality gaming elements like badges, leaderboards, interactive games, and others in the content.

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Acadecraft implements leaderboards in the client's training program. It is a vital point system that gives free and fair results to all employees. It motivates learners to attain higher positions through hard work and dedication. The leaderboards are easily shareable on social media and any eLearning platforms.

Gamification in education company
Achievement badges

Acadecraft rewards learners with badges that contain all personal credentials. High-quality fonts and appealing graphics are used to make the badges attractive. It motivates them to learn more. Clients use it for learners across various degree programs, certifications, employee training, and more.

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Level based games

Gamification developers at Acadecraft design level-based games to form a learning path and map of various proficiency levels. Clients can track workforce productivity levels by tracking how consistently they performed. We aim at honing the skills of the client's workforce rather than providing monotonous training programs.

Gamification in education company
Virtual Reality (VR)

Acadecraft creates complex scenarios using simulation tools and other resources. We augment gamification elements into training programs to impart new skills to learners. By blending VR and gamification solutions, we increase learner retention, engagement and interest. We provide VR integrated learning solutions to clients worldwide.

Clients we serve

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Australian schools and universities seek gamification solutions for various concept fields. We design solutions as per curriculum requirements and learning goals. At Acadecraft, we make the most use of gaming elements to impart quality education.

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Gamification services by Acadecraft make the complicated onboarding process easier for enterprises. Worldwide agencies utilize our gaming solutions as a core part of their business strategies. We assist organizations to promote efficient learning and boost confidence.

Gamification in education company

Health & Wellness

Healthcare clients count on Acadecraft to gamify scientific and medical concepts, developments and patient information. We have SMEs and academic writers who are familiar with all health-related jargons and deliver solutions on time.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, first, we understand the client's needs. Our project managers then analyze the project design a blueprint of the services needed. The digital team then executes the gamified solutions by integrating interactive elements like badges, leaderboards, VR solutions, and more. Then, the quality analyst team conducts a test session to determine the loopholes. They ensure the final draft is flawless by removing all loopholes.

Hence, we understand, analyze, design, execute, integrate, review and deliver.

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