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Curating Tailor-Made Immersive Technology Services for Clients

Acadecraft develops customised extended reality and immersive technology services using AR, VR, Mixed Reality, and 360 technology.
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Key Issues

Businesses often use immersive technology to design an efficient extended reality world for their consumers. The extended reality methods can generate enhanced user experience and hence ensure improved business conversion for clients. But, developing appropriate immersive technology products require professional expertise. As the field of extended reality and immersive technology is comparatively new, very few organisations have sufficient expertise in these services. That is why organisations often search for specialist immersive technology services providing companies that can deliver customised products within deadlines.

However, the service providing companies often do not follow any fixed standard for developing these products. As a result, the products often include some inappropriate content. Such products fail to satisfy the client’s requirements. Also, the quality of animation is very important in many immersive technology projects. But, many companies lack experienced 3D animators. As a result, their products are not vibrant enough and fail to satisfy the client’s needs.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has certified immersive technology experts who are specialists in developing customised immersive technology services for clients. Our experts are proficient in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and 360 Extended Reality technologies. We balance the different immersive technologies to deliver the most appropriate immersive product based on the client’s needs.

Acadecraft develops different immersive technology products, including learning apps, virtual labs and simulation software, games, training apps, social media content, marketing content, and many others. Our quality analysts thoroughly check each of our products before delivery. Hence, we ensure that all the facts and information are delivered through these products and appropriate. Also, our immersive reality products are glitch-free and engaging.

Acadecraft has developed a comprehensive model and standard for immersive technology products, and all our products follow the same. Thus, we always ensure that the content of these products is risk-free, authentic, and strictly align with the client’s objectives. In addition, we have separate teams for developing immersive learning content. Such teams include experienced subject matter experts for different subjects and academic levels.

Acadecraft offers instant modification services if the clients request any changes. Our services are affordable and regular. We ensure timely delivery with full-time services and 24x7 clients support.

Types of Immersive Technology Services

Acadecraft develops different types of immersive technology services to satisfy diverse client’s needs. Some of our immersive technology services are discussed below.

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AR & VR Based Learning Apps

The AR and VR based learning apps help to significantly improve the understandability of the learning content. Organisations nowadays use extended reality products to generate a life-like experience for their learners. Acadecraft develops tailor-made learning apps for clients. The content of these apps is always accurate and is developed after thorough research. We deliver AR & VR based learning apps for all subjects and academic levels.

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Visual Markers

The visual markers often use different immersive technology services, including 360 VR, VR, and AR technology. The companies often require customised visual markers to deliver appropriate extended reality experiences without any glitch or time lag. Acadecraft develops customised visual markers for the clients. These visual markers are instant, vibrant, and developed using 3D animation.

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Superimposition Software

Superimposition software is very effective for virtual trials. Businesses regularly use superimposition software for different products marketed online. Acadecraft develops accurate software that can generate a demo of the client’s products with utmost precision. Such virtual product demo can significantly increase the business conversion for the clients. We deliver both 2D and 3D animation based superimposition software.

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Virtual Labs

With the increasing trend of online education, virtual labs are becoming popular day by day. Acadecraft develops quality virtual labs that are easy to use, effective, and accurate. Most importantly, our client organisations can customise the results and procedures of the individual experiments based on their requirements. We repeatedly check every individual experiment before delivery to ensure that the virtual labs are completely error-free.

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Simulation Software

Acadecraft develops efficient simulation software for aviation, medical, engineering, and other sectors. Experienced subject experts guide our immersive technology experts in developing the simulation software. The products contain life-like animation developed by 3D animators who are simulation specialists. We use the most appropriate mathematical formulae to develop accurate and error-free simulation software for clients.

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360 VR Content

The 360 Virtual Reality content are immensely useful for developing immersive social media and marketing content. Acadecraft develops 360 virtual reality technology to develop sales brochures, short product illustrations, short social media content, and many other products. Our clients can customise the layout, look, feel, and content of the 360 VR content. We deliver the services regularly within deadlines.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft develops customised virtual labs, AR-based storyboards, and other immersive technology products for the eLearning industry. Highly qualified SMEs develop fully customised eLearning content based on the client’s requirements.

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Business Companies

Business companies often use immersive QR and Bar codes, superimposition software, and different immersive marketing content. Our experts develop attractive immersive products that follow the objectives of the client companies.

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Media Companies

Acadecraft delivers high-quality immersive products with engaging 3D animation to media companies. The media companies also use our 360 VR services regularly in their blogs, news feeds, and social media feeds.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to discuss the project in detail. After understanding the client’s requirements, we do adequate research. Then, we develop a preliminary design first, which is reviewed by the quality analysts and SMEs. When the design gets approved, our immersive technology experts start developing the project accordingly. Our quality assurance experts then check the final products before delivering them to the clients. After delivery, our clients can request further modification, if required.

Hence, we discuss, research, design, review, develop, check, and deliver!

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