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Delivering Reliable And Updated Fact-Checking Services To Eliminate Fake Information, Exaggerated Analytics And Rumors From Educational Content

As a trusted Fact-Checking services provider in Australia, we offer a range of multilingual fact-checking services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

Abundant and easy information has increased the chances of misinformation and fake news as well. Businesses and customers often fall prey to this information as they are presented in a very realistic manner. Detecting facts from a sea of misinformed sources is challenging.

So, professional fact-checkers are the best to depend on. Clients must get their content verified before posting on social media platforms, websites and any other digital or print format. Many organizations today claim that they can fact-check but fail because of the massive amount of information. Some are unable to access valid information because they do not have fluency in multiple languages. It is rare to find fact-checkers with an in-depth understanding of politics, history, geography, and more. So, clients end up with compromised information from limited sources.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

We are a leading fact-checking service online, providing accurate information to our valued clients worldwide. We get actual facts from every field, including political, academic, scientific research, medicine, and more. Our SMEs stay updated with the latest developments and news in their specific domains, including fake news and viral stories. We apply different approaches to different fields and deliver full-proof fact-check services to aid public knowledge and understanding. The team provides the best online fact-checking services. We educate Internet users and readers about false news, misinformation, viral offers, alerts and requests via email, social media, or other online sources. Our services enhance brand identity, user engagement, trust and ROI.

Benefits of Fact-Checking

Our fact-checking services help clients to

  • liminate Obscurity
  • Increase Reliability
  • Build Knowledge Base
  • Correct Misperceptions
  • Make Sound Decisions
  • Create impactful campaigns based on accurate data and statistics.
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Our Clients

Educational Institutions


We have tools to perform fact-checking on various sources that students rely on for information. We provide essential fact-checking services to many schools, colleges, and universities across the globe. Our team provides objective facts and numbers.



Acadecraft delivers online fact-checking services to the e-learning industry. We provide exact information to our clients across all subjects and concept fields. We have access to trusted sources and do not depend on random online websites for information.



We provide fact-checking services to online and offline publishers who deliver higher education content to learners. We check graphic, audio, video and text content in all languages and formats. Our services are subject-specific.

K6 Education Solutions

How does It work?

Acadecraft delivers accurate online fact-checking services to its clients. We help clients fight "fake news" and disinformation. To fulfill our commitment, we follow a strict and committed workflow: Our process includes the following steps:

Collaboration, Information Collection, Blueprint Design, Online Fact-Checking Solutions, Quality Assurance, Final delivery

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