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Enhancing Clinical Exam Skills by Expert Delivered Preparation Services

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning company offering AMC Clinical Exam preparation services to clients worldwide.
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Australian Medical Council conducts the AMC Clinical Exams. They include a series of clinical and physical examinations that assess medical and surgical skills, patient communication, and stress handling skills. Thus, only expert medical professionals can offer the appropriate preparation services for the clinical examinations. Clients often search for professional service providers who can provide impactful clinical examination mentoring services. However, most of the exam preparation service providers do not have appropriate resources to offer live mentoring services. Hence, they fail to fulfill the client’s demands. The service providers also fail to conduct relevant assessment sessions to help clients in assessing their learners. This is because they lack certified experts. The service providers must follow all the AMC guidelines and quality standards. They should be aware of both the clinical and behavioural requirements for the AMC Clinical Examinations.

Also, the clients often require full-time support from experts. But, most of the experts remain unavailable to offer urgent support. The service providers must ensure the full-time availability of their experts. The experts must be available to solve the issues of the clients even during odd hours.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has highly trained and certified medical experts. Our experts have been offering mentoring services to humorous clients for quite a few years now. The credentials of our experts are hundred percent transparent and accessible to our clients. They offer quality training sessions that cover all the clinical procedures as per the AMC guidelines. Experts conduct both online and offline mentoring sessions.

Our assessment experts have experience in conducting clinical interviews and physical examinations. They offer online and offline assessment services to our clients. In addition, they examine the clinical and behavioural skills of the learners as well. Our clients can access our experts full time according to their needs. We ensure 24x7 services to our clients.

Types of AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Services

We offer both online and offline AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Services depending on the needs of our clients. Let’s take a look at some of our AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Services.

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Live Mentoring Services

Professional medical experts of Acadecaraft offer live mentoring sessions to our clients and their learners. We conduct the mentoring sessions in classrooms or hospital settings. Our experts cover all the clinical processes as per the AMC clinical examination during these live mentoring sessions.

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Online Tutoring Services

Our medical experts also offer tutoring services in the virtual mode for our clients. The sessions cover the clinical details as well the behavioural aspects required for AMC clinical examinations. Our experts are fully aware of all the guidelines issued by the Australian Medical Council and try to include all the features in the tutoring services.

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Assessment Services

Our clients can take assessment services from our experts to assess their learners. Our experienced experts conduct physical and clinical interviews. The assessment exams follow a pattern similar to the AMC Clinical Examinations. They include the most common and frequently asked questions.

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Study Materials

The study materials of the AMC clinical examinations include a detailed analysis of all the relevant clinical procedures. Highly experienced medical experts curate these materials in easily understandable language. Our clients can use these study materials as ready references for their learners.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

The eLearning industry uses online tutoring services because we offer full-time services to our clients. Only certified teaching professionals deliver these services.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services

Coaching Institutions

Our experts offer assessment services and mentoring sessions for our clients and their learners. The experts customise their services according to the needs and budget of the client.

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Medical Industry

Our clients from the medical industry use our comprehensive study materials as ready references. Also, our experts offer mentoring sessions for clients, which in hospital settings as well.

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How It work?

Our medical experts connect with our clients to know their exact requirements. Accordingly, we decide the service dates. Our mentors offer both online and offline services. They conduct both mentoring sessions and assessment sessions, either separately or together. They are available for full-time support even after delivering the services. Whenever any urgent need arises, our clients can always contact our experts. We customise the study materials according to the needs of the clients. Our quality analysts check the study materials to ensure that they are error-free.

Hence, we connect, collaborate, assess, test, and deliver the perfectly curated AMC Clinical Exam Preparation services in Australia.

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