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Delivering High-Quality Distance e-Learning Solutions that meet Clients’ Business Objectives

Acadecraft revolutionizes the training pattern through effective distance e-Learning solutions.
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Key Issues

Internet expanded the power of learning worldwide. New-age learners don't spend long hours attending classroom sessions. Businesses don't have enough time to conduct long-duration training sessions every day. Distance eLearning solutions help the workforce and instructors to connect anytime to impart knowledge. Organizations seek reliable agencies to deliver optimum distance eLearning solutions.

Third-party agencies must make learning patterns easier for the workforce. However, most lack the experience requiredto produce digital learning content, e-books, video lectures, and other learning materials. Also, they cannot provide24/7technical and training support to their clients. Some agencies do not have the software knowledge required to create SCORM compliant courses or custom Learning Management System (LMS). So, clients must partner with professional service providers. They must have programmers, instructional designers, graphic developers, and more. Itenables them to design engaging learning solutions for their clients. Specialists leverage the latest instructional design principles to ensure learners get accurate learning solutions.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is a leading distance eLearning solutions provider in Australia. Our team of instructional designers, graphic designers, and programmers assist global clients in developing eLearning solutions. Carrying several years of experience, we create courses for different sizes and shapes. We leverage the latest technologies and authoring tools to make courses effective. Our innovative and holistic approach aligns with the client's professional objective. We design courses that are accessible on multiple devices like phones, PCs, and others. Acadecraft forges a strong communication channel between instructors and learners. We produce eLearning courses for a broad range of learning environments. Clients rely on Acadecraft to deliver innovative and interactive distance eLearning solutions. Our helpdesk team is available round the clock.

Types of distance eLearning services

Our designed solutions improves the learning experience with good multimedia content. Our portfolio includes the following types of services.

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Synchronous and asynchronous learning

Acadecraft connects instructors and learners in real-time via synchronous learning. We also develop asynchronous learning solutions that give flexible learning options to learners. They can download study material from the internet, submit assignments online, and attend webinars.

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Hybrid Distance Learning

Acadecraft offers a client distance learning service to accommodate different course burdens at once. We create a framework for learners where they are mandatory to spend a specific time in an online classroom or virtual learning platform.

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Video conferencing

Distance eLearning is incomplete without video conferencing.Clients reach our team to boost the effectiveness of the online classroom via our video conferencing systems. It is the perfect fit for organizations that are unable to deliver on-site education for far located learners.

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Open Schedule Online Courses

Acadecraft offers open schedule online courses with a specific deadline. It is an excellent means of learning where learners complete their assessments and pending tasks and their pace. Interactive and engaging modules meet their learning objectives.

Clients we serve

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Acadecraft benefits eLearning agencies with optimum learning software, authoring tools, and other resources. Being the global business leader in this domain, we assist them in cost reduction, testing, and eLearning course maintenance. Clients prefer our learning services because we deliver eLearning solutions for multiple subjects.

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Acadecraft's technical team facilitates distance training programs with custom eLearning solutions. We enhance the productivity of the workforce that ultimately adds value to their professionalism. Our developers design eLearning modules that are accessible in mobile, PCs, and other gadgets. Workforce can consume the content in spare time and gain accurate knowledge.

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Educational institute

Australian colleges and universities count on our innovative distance eLearning solutions. Our range of services is extended to different academic levels. So whether you are looking for K-12 or university-level education, rely on our distance eLearning services. We deliver customized solutions that meet the client's objectives.

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How does it work?

Clients share project details with our project managers for analysis and price quotation. After negotiating, the project manager reviews the content and shares your requirements with the developers' team. The team comprises of graphic designers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts who develop customized distance eLearning solutions. The quality check team then reviews the first draft and sends the rework to the developing team if corrections are needed. After multiple rounds of quality checks, it is ready for delivery to clients.

Hence, we analyze, quote, develop, review, rectify and deliver.

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