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Learning is the primary element of an organization and its workforce. Achieving organizational goals is based on the company's performance. By placing learning and development strategies to business goals, organizations enable their learners to achieve their desired business performance and outcomes. Thus, clients associate with the learning solutions provider that reduces the complexities and enhance business performance.

Acadecraft offers interactive learning solutions by following a consistent learning approach. Here, we design analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluate training programs. We incorporate quality eLearning modules and offer clients end-to-end eLearning solutions for enterprises worldwide. Our learning solutions' key component includes rapid authoring solutions, Scenario-Based Learning, Special Education, Virtual Lab Solutions, and others. We promote an active learning approach that delivers the best professional outcome. Our trained employees provides a range of learning delivery styles, methods and platforms suited to the organization's training requirements.

Types of Learning Solutions

Acadecraft delivers customized learning solutions to clients in Australia and worldwide. Our eLearning solutions are the core element of professional training programs

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Custom eLearning

Acadecraft delivers world-class custom eLearning courses for clients worldwide. We optimize Learning Management System (LMS), mobile learning solutions and others to meet training needs. Our content developers and instructional designers curate content from scratch using rapid authoring tools to match the technical requirements.

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Rapid eLearning

Our developers expedite the development process of eLearning modules utilizing rapid eLearning tools. Instructional designers and subject matter experts ensure the content sounds instructional. We never compromise on quality standards and offer learner-centred, engaging and practical solutions.

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Mobile eLearning

Acadecraft offers robust, scalable mobile learning solutions for different industry verticals. We utilize a cloud-based learning management system to create great, exciting and engaging m-Learning solutions. Our graphic designers, developers and IT team create short m-learning courses with interactive high-intensity graphics to keep the target audience interested and focused.

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eLearning Platform

Acadecraft incorporates ILT/VILT strategies to curate the eLearning platform for the best modality. Here, we help clients identify gaps between learning goals and business outcomes. We offer a mass repository of online courses in eLearning platforms, customized LMS.

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AR & VR Learning

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is the core competency of Acadecraft. Our platform offers full-stack solutions and software development services to clients. At Acadecraft, we have a passionate, and experiencedtechnical team capable of delivering goal-oriented results. They create and develop virtual prototypes and also work on projects conceptually.

learning solutions and learning development in USA
Rapid Authoring

Acadecraft utilize sophisticated applications and rapid authoring tools to deliver practical eLearning courses. We have learning solutions with advanced transitions and triggers. Also, we incorporate video capture, interactions, and assessments to build engaging content. Our rapid authoring solutions are compatible with any device and format.

Industries we serve

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Australian educational institutions count on Acadecraft to avail personalized learning solutions. Our platform delivers interactive learning solutions for several for schools/ universities.

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Acadecraft offers adaptive learning solutions to the world's leading healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology companies that help them achieve their goals.

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Publishing industries rely on Acadecraft for customized eLearning solutions that meet the requirement of new age readers. We serve print and digital publishing agencies.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, our eLearning developers specially curates high-quality solutions for our clients from several industries. Clients consult our eLearning developers to deliver quality solutions to the target audience.

Firstly, we analyze the project and create the blueprint. Secondly, we gather all the eLearning materials that fit the project. Depending on the requirements, our digital team curates the eLearning solutions. Finally, the quality analyst team evaluates for accuracy. After the quality approval, it is sent for the final delivery. Briefly, we analyze, gather, curate and evaluate before delivering any eLearning solution.

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