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Delivering Customised Preparation Solutions for Major Nursing Exams in Australia

Acadecraft is a leading Educational Service Provider offering nursing exam preparation services to its clients by certified experts.
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The nursing exams in Australia are multilayered. The exam prep service providers fail to address the individual requirements for each level. It often leads to incomplete preparation strategies. So, service providers must provide these services based on every distinct exam. Also, the service providers often lack certified subject matter experts. They must have experienced curriculum developers who can cover diverse level-wise requirements. The trend analysts should bring out conclusive results to help strategy development. The inexperienced trend analysts often fail to do so. It may lead to ignorance of some important topics.

The nursing exam service providers must also have quality analysts to ensure error-free services. They must ensure that their services strictly follow all the relevant guidelines of NMBA and AHPRA. They should offer customised services and full-time support to the clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft offers customised nursing exam preparation services to our clients. Our services include practice exams, curriculum research, and study material development for all the major nursing exams in Australia. We have specialist teams for individual exams, including NCLEX-RN, OSCE, and NCLEX-EN. Our experts are not only well trained but also medically certified. They have vast experience in preparing effective strategies and curriculums for the nursing examinations. Most importantly, our subject matter experts are well aware of the NMBA and APHRA guidelines in Australia.

Our subject matter experts effectively collaborate with our question trend analysts. Our trend analysts detect all the relevant exam topics. They use the latest technologies to locate the most trending topics and question patterns. Clients receive the essential study materials, trending question patterns and frequently asked questions in our analysis reports.

We offer both online and offline practice tests, mock tests, and assessment papers for our clients. Our clients can effectively add or modify any aspect related to these services. We offer full-time support for all our services.

Types of Nursing Exam Preparation Services

We offer expert-curated services to meet all our client requirements.

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MCQ Format Test Services

The clients can utilise our MCQ test services in both online and offline print-ready mode. The question pattern of the tests is strictly according to the current question pattern of the individual examinations. The clients can customise the tests.

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Drag-Drop and Chart Format Test Services

The drag-drop and chart-based questions of the nursing exams require special attention. Our enhanced test services help our clients in training their learners. We develop the test patterns according to the conducting committee guidelines.

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Full Format Mock Test Services

We develop a full format test according to the existing pattern of the examinations. They cover the entire syllabus of the tests. The questions include all the crucial topics and follow the current question pattern.

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Study Material Development

We develop the study materials after thorough research. The subject matter experts collaborate with curriculum researchers to create impactful study guides. We are mindful of the client's demands and needs.

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Curriculum Development

Our curriculum developers understand the needs of our clients and customise their services accordingly. They ensure the coverage of the entire syllabus and emphasise the probable and complex topics.

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Trend Analysis

Our trend analysts sort out all the previous year’s exam data. These data are analysed to find out the most relevant topics. Our clients use these services to allocate the necessary time to complicated concepts in the curriculum.

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Question Banks

We develop the question banks after integrating the previous year’s questions and trending questions. We offer different types of question banks based on the needs of our clients. The clients use the question banks for enhanced practice.

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Solution Sets

The solution sets contain detailed explanations. The solutions are curated based on the questions requested by our clients. We create the solution sets in easily understandable language. They are always error-free.

Our Clients

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E-learning Industry

The eLearning industry uses our online study guides and mock test services to guide their learners. Moreover, we offer online tutors for our clients. Only certified experts curate our digital test preparation services.

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Coaching Centres

We offer both online and offline nursing exam preparation services to the coaching centres in Australia. These services often include curriculum research and development, mock tests, practice test, and many more services.

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Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry relies on our test prep to provide study materials, preparation guidelines, and mentoring services to their nurses. We help them get their nurses registered through our professional nursing exam preparation service.

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How It work?

The demand of the clients varies according to the level of the exam. So, we first connect with our clients to understand their demands and requirements. Our nursing exam preparation experts and subject matter experts are allocated work according to the needs. Then, they research all the relevant data and examine them. Later, they develop their products and deliver them to our quality analysts. Our quality analysts finally check the accuracy of the products. They ensure that the products are comprehensive and error-free. They also match the products with the NMBA guidelines. We also ensure timely delivery and 24x7 support. Hence, we connect, understand, research, curate, review and deliver.

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