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Acadecraft is a leading eLearning platform offering helpful resources for TORCH tests to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The Tests of Reading Comprehension (TORCH) is the crucial reading passage test for grade 3 to grade 10 learners. Australian clients do not have adequate resources to design a range of comprehensive test prep. It is because they don’t have certified experts. Most of the clients do not have adequate learning resources to design accurate TORCH test prep solutions. Therefore, they seek professional test prep service providers.

However, not all service providers deliver goal-oriented solutions and top-tier tutoring. Some deliver misinformation that spread wrong knowledge amongst learners. Only a few experienced professionals incorporate a variety of texts and genres. Many fail to deploy time-saving strategies and create effective practice tests. Moreover, clients find it difficult to focus on test prep as they are overburdened by other administrative tasks. Thus, connecting with professional and credible TORCH Test prep services is essential.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft offers engaging TORCH test prep services for educational clients in Australia and worldwide. Our certified subject matter experts and instructors identify the strength and weakness of learners. They are well-equipped with valuable resources for Australian educational institutions. Also, our instructors hold pivotal experiences in developing impactful test prep. Also, our specialists carry a high level of linguistic talent. Acadecraft facilitates test prep solutions by introducing questions, interactive inferences, visualized concepts story mapping and retelling features. Here, we focus on building knowledge by understanding teaching patterns and exam patterns. Our TORCH test prep solutions enhance learners’ productivity. Also, our solutions include colourful engaging illustrations, followed by fiction and non-fiction reading passages. Moreover, our customized learning paths with embedded collaboration and facilitation tools ensure higher ROI for clients. Our test prep professionals are available round the clock and we serve clients globally.

Type of TORCH test prep solutions

Acadecraft is a certified TORCH test prep service provider. Over the years, we have developed educational assessment and reporting tools for various Australian clients.

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Acadecraft offers interactive assessments in both paper and digital format. Our subject matter experts adhere to the latest curriculum and education standards. Also, we offer multilingual assessment solutions for clients. It helps them connect with a worldwide audience. TORCH test prep assessment contains Reader Behaviour Framework that facilitates the evaluation process for clients.

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Printable materials

Acadecraft offers, concept explanations, practice questions, both solved and unsolved, and reading materials in various print formats. Our professionally curated questions include a variety of passages in accepted vocabulary and language standards. With a range of abstract topics followed by inferential questions, quality questions of test prep assess learner’s abilities to the fullest.

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Online tutoring

Acadecraft delivers 24/7 online tutoring for clients. Our online training is carried out by subject-specific instructors. They deliver interactive study materials to learners. The online learning platform consists of discussion forums, chat groups and customized LMS. We integrate recorded online tutorials to the LMSs to make them more accessible. Also, our digital tutorials are compatible across all devices.

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Video lessons

Our certified instructors entail engaging video lessons in TORCH test prep solutions. Practice test questions, in-depth explanations and short animated videos enhance learners’ participation. Clients get insights on weak areas through score reports for multiple-choice subjects like verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning, maths and reading comprehension.

Our Clients

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Australian eLearning platforms rely on Acadecraft for optimal TORCH test prep solutions. Our digital team designs affordable eLearning test programs for clients. Here, we provide interactive modules with realistic goals in the test prep solutions.

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Acadecraft in association with Australian schools deliver the most effective TORCH test prep solutions. We incorporate score-boosting strategies to approach different texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Our test preps work on desktop, tablets and smartphones.

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Coaching centres

Acadecraft delivers both paper and digital TORCH test prep services to coaching centres. We deliver engaging video lessons, printable materials and online tutoring services to training institutes worldwide. Across Australia, we are serving a wide range of private tutoring centres.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we maximize qualification output for TORCH examinations with effective test prep services. Here, our primary focus is towards the higher engagement of learners.
First, our project manager collaborates with clients to analyze the project’s requirement. Next, our production team creates a strategy aligning with the requirement. Then, content developers and instructional designers execute the plan by developing content. They incorporate proper tools and resources to develop effective material. Finally, the quality analyst team evaluates the draft and proofreads the content to maintain accuracy.
Hence, we collaborate, create, execute, incorporate and evaluate before delivery.

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