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We are Acadecraft Pvt Ltd This page of Privacy Policy is here only because we understand the nature of personal information and the ethics regarding its use. We do not collect any personal information of the user that is not meant to be collected. However, when you give us the information which is necessary for your registration or subscription to our website, you are giving us the solid rights and permissions to make productive use of that information.

The purposes for which this information will be used are given below. This will be our periphery with which we will conduct our operations. Take note, however, that if you choose not to give us some information which is crucial for our processes and internal conductions, your presence on our website will turn out to be somewhat limited. Here are the Privacy Policies of Acadecraft Pvt Ltd

Some basic precepts:
  • This Privacy Policy is your guide to venture into the unknown, which is our website. By using the website, you have agreed to and shown consent to our Privacy Policy and terms of use. If you find yourself not accepting some part of this Privacy Policy, please send us an Email regarding the underlined rule or statement. That way, everyone can enjoy the experience of this website in a manner that is healthy and safe, and our policies will stand improved.
  • Your information which you provide us with will only get used in our internal information processes and record keeping purposes. We strongly refrain from sharing your information to any third party, except in case of some enquiry of yours which may include another 3rd party.
  • We prevent all sorts of unauthorized accesses to our website’s database. The information we gather is always stored in the places of strong safeguard against any threat of theft or unjustified us.
  • We own the information which is gathered on this website. We do not give away, sell, trade, rent or disclose your personal information to any third party without the consent of the customer, which is you.
  • We, however, do use third party services for the management of this website, such as tools for the social media end. We purely use these services because we have to cater to your needs and keep ourselves eternally prepared for it.
  • Running into a problem on our website? Simply contact us on the Email at There are a few instances which must be highlighted on this policy directly, such as:
  • In case of copyright infringement. Send us all the information of the infringed property and then you will be guided throughout the DMCA guidelines and processes for legal action-taking.
  • To get a copy of all the data we have on you.
  • For the deletion of all the personal data we have on you.
  • The content of this website is copyrighted to Acadecraft Pvt Ltd
  • The limitations of the use of our data include using it personally, research for your own sake or that of the organization which you represent. You may, however, not redistribute, resell, re-broadcast, re-transmit or disseminate the information for personal profit.
  • You can store our materials for personal use. We cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage that you incur by the data abuse of your website, in which we aren’t directly involved.
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