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Acadecraft is a leading Educational Services Provider offering specialised test preparation services for the PTE exam in Australia.
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The method followed by the PTE exam is quite different from other English Language tests. So, the clients prefer to take help from professional PTE test preparation services to design an effective preparation strategy. But the test preparation service providers often lack some qualities. They may not have the specialised subject matter experts for the PTE exam. Also, as the PTE exam is highly objective, it requires quality research analysts to research and analyse the trends of the question. The unavailability of quality research data often leads to ineffective preparation strategies. Also, the PTE exam preparation services providers in Australia must include test preparation experts who can curate quality objective questions to match the PTE Test level.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has specialised PTE Test Preparation Experts, Subject Matter Experts, and expert research analysts. They specialise in developing quality objective questions for impactful PTE test prep.

Moreover, we offer customised services to our clients based on their requirements and instructions. In addition, our subject matter experts deliver effective study materials and preparation guides. These preparation guides will help our clients to develop a perfect preparation strategy. Our clients can use our fully computerised objective PTE mock test services to assess their students effectively. These test services offer a similar interface as the PTE test. Most importantly, most of our Test Preparation Experts are PTE certified. They have practical experience in mentoring and strategising the PTE exam preparation process.

Types of PTE Preparation Services

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Question Paper and Trend Analysis

The previous question papers and trends are analysed to identify the essential topics and the trending pattern of questions. Clients use the analysis reports is used by our clients to develop quality practice materials and strategies.

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Preparation Strategy Development

The PTE test is an objective test. So it requires an intensive preparation strategy. Our test preparation experts develop customised preparation strategies for our clients. Our experts are specialists in PTE preparation strategy.

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Question Bank Development Service

The clients require customised question banks for important objective PTE questions. The question bank development experts conduct deep research on previous questions, expected questions, and important topics for developing the customised question banks.

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Study Materials

The study materials contain important topics, examples, and explanations. Our clients can use our study materials as references. Our clients can even customise the study materials according to the needs of their students.

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PTE Mock Test Service

Acadecraft offers digital mock test services for the PTE Exam. Our test interface perfectly suit the design for the actual PTE exam. The clients may customise the different aspects of the mock paper, depending on their needs.

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Solution Modules

We design the solution modules to provide easily understandable solutions. Qualified subject matter experts prepare these modules. Our clients provide us with the question sets, for which we develop customised solution sets.

Our Clients

We offer customised services to our clients from the EdTech and Education Industry. We also cater to the various test preparation centres and coaching centres.

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E-learning Industry

Acadecraft offers reliable PTE mock tests and assessment services to the Elearning Industry. We also curate study materials and other services for our clients. Our clients can use our online tutoring services and customise them according to their needs.

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Test Preparation Centres

The PTE test preparation experts of Acadecraft help to develop an effective test preparation strategy for our clients. We understand the needs of our clients, conduct thorough research, and deliver the most effective solution for our clients.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service

Educational Institutions

The higher educational institutions may require specialised study materials for Academic PTE preparation. Our subject matter experts deliver the most effective and precise study materials and preparation guides for seamless preparation.

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How It work?

We connect with our clients to understand their demands and requirements. Our test preparation experts and subject matter experts analyse the needs. After concluding the analysis, they develop their products and deliver them to our quality analysts. Our quality analysts check the accuracy of the products. For all our services, we strictly adhere to the syllabus and curriculum of the PTE test. We also ensure timely delivery and 24x7 support.

Hence, we connect, collaborate, research, analyse, curate, test and deliver the perfect PET test prep services to our clients.

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