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Providing effective and engaging PAT-R test prep materials with higher ROI

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning platform offering customized PAT-R Test prep services to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The PAT-R (Progressive Achievement Tests in Reading) is a reading test for grade 3 to 9 learners in Australia. The education clients of Australia do not always have appropriate learning resources to fulfill the academic requirements for the test. They lack problem solving skills and technical expertise to curate accurate test prep materials. Mostly, they deliver flawed assessment questions. As a result, learners receive compromised test prep modules. Developing a reading assessment requires linguistic expertise and strong vocabulary skills which many clients lack. Therefore, they opt for a professional service provider.

However, not all professional services deliver quality test prep solutions for PAT-R. They do not provide round the clock assessment solutions. Mostly, clients seek daily programs or off-campus test prep materials. But professional agencies don’t have adequate resources to meet clients’ requirements. Clients sometimes look for low-cost online resource but they are highly inefficient and rarely deliver on time. Thus, a proficient PAT-R test service provider is essential.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we provide comprehensive PAT-R test prep service to Australian clients. Our subject matter experts and instructors customize assessment solutions. Here, we provide both traditional and internet-based learning modules to prepare learners for PAT-R. Our platform not only incorporates theory but also the opportunity to put this theory into practice in real-time. We deliver a set of interactive puzzles, quizzes, reading comprehensions of different complexity levels and more. Also, our test prep solutions cater to the needs of clients worldwide and ensure higher ROI. Also, we offer our modules at the best and most reasonable prices. Our learning programs and study materials adhere to Australian education standards at all times. Moreover, we serve clients from different time zones through our 24/7 service availability.

Types of PAT-R test prep services

Acadecraft offers a range of PAT-R test prep services to global clients. We produce interactive sets of questions, puzzles or worksheets for clients.

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Technical support

With us, clients receive all time technical support for customized LMS, development learning portals, digital evaluation and others. Acadecraft provides technical support for formulating high-quality PAT-R test prep material. Our subject matter experts entail practice test questions, explained solutions and all time progression reports in their modules. Also, our customized LMS is compatible with all devices.

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Test Makers

Acadecraft provides customized test maker for educational clients worldwide. With us, clients create multiple choice tests or online exam to increase learners’ productivity. Our platform integrates interactive flash cards, template and notification features in the test maker. Clients easily organize results by interacting with native sheet apps or connecting the test maker with other apps.

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Q and A

With an interactive set of question and answers, clients easily access test prep materials 24/7. They are downloadable, shareable and compatible with all platforms. Learners receive instant results, with coherent targeted answers presented in context for easy inspection. Acadecraft reduces the clients’ L&D time in curating question and answers.

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Acadecraft creates engaging flashcard decks with private access to clients. We integrate questionnaires, subject concepts, texts, images and lists on either side of the card. Clients can easily edit flashcard sets as well as share, print, export, or clone them. Our flashcards support multiple formats like EPub, PDF, HTML5 and others.

Our clients

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Acadecraft offers PAT-R test prep materials to eLearning clients worldwide. We facilitate their L&D of Elearning programs by integrating online lessons, videos and flashcards. Here, we provide optimum test prep experience across diverse audiences.

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Schools across Australia, and worldwide associate with Acadecraft to receive engaging test prep services. Here, we follow global education standards and provide clients with complete test prep materials to enhance learners’ productivity.

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Coaching centres

Acadecraft delivers test prep packages with value added services to coaching centres in Australia. We provide them with affordable consultations and online tutors. It helps the client curate long term preparatory modules.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we provide the most effective test prep services for PAT-R. Here, our multi-step methodology ensures balanced, interactive, engaging and informative content for clients.

First, our project manager analyzes the project requirements. Next, the academic team designs the blueprint stating appropriate test prep material. Then, content developers execute the plan aligning with the requirements. Finally, the quality analysts review the project to ensure its accuracy.

Hence, we analyze, design, execute and review before delivery.

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