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Acadecraft is the ACT test prep services provider delivering high-quality learning modules to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The ACT examination is the standardized assessment for college admission. It evaluates the learners’ ability and scrutinizes them to know whether they are college-ready or not. However, the educational clients in Australia lack in technical and manual expertise to curate accurate solutions. Thus, they land up developing low-quality ACT test prep modules. Hence, they seek assistance from a professional ACT test prep services provider. But, not all traditional test prep companies and amateur organizations meet clients’ objectives. Sometimes, they fail to deliver updated modules or a range of solutions. Or else, they lack in offering multilingual solutions. Today, clients run international operations. Also, learners from different communities and cultural backgrounds seek to learn solutions in their native language. Thus, clients require a certified and professional ACT test prep services provider who delivers multilingual solutions. Also, clients require test prep companies who meet the Australian education standards. Therefore, collaborating with professional ACT test prep companies becomes essential priority for clients.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is the leading ACT test prep services provider for Australian and worldwide clients. Here, our academic team comprises certified subject matter experts, experienced online tutors, and a proficient technical team. Also, we utilize cutting-edge solutions and advanced technologies to develop accurate solutions. Moreover, we provide multilingual test prep solutions to our valuable business partners. Acadecraft practices effective pedagogical methodologies ensuring clients’ success and higher ROI. Here, we make clients well equipped that they prepare young learners exam ready. Also, our platform offers customized test prep solutions that allow learners to learn at their own pace. With us, clients easily connect with differently-abled learners, because our solutions are accessible. Acadecraft is open 24/7 for worldwide clients. Our affordable solutions are favourite of global business leaders!

Types of ACT test prep services

Acadecraft has quality learning professionals that meet the education standards in Australia. Hence, we maximize clients’ brand integrity by developing the following types of ACT test prep modules.

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Practice tests

Acadecraft offers interactive practice test prep solutions for ACT modules. Here, we offer Computer-Based practice test papers with an auto-grading system. Also, we integrate commonly asked questions of different complexity level that drives learners’ productivity. Moreover, our different size practice test solutions fit perfectly for learners in their busy schedules. Here, we lay the foundation of efficient knowledge by delivering customized questions packed with real ACT questions. Also, multiple learners access our practice test solutions simultaneously.

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Online tutoring

Acadecraft delivers high-quality ACT online tutoring that is accessible on mobile, tablets or any electronic device. With us, clients make learners ACT exam ready from their comfort zone. Also, we facilitate remote education by including engaging learning resources in virtual sessions. Our subject matter experts and ACT instructors make most of their knowledge and experience to bring the feeling of a real-time classroom. In this, we include digital whiteboards, writing tools, and a discussion forum to make virtual sessions feel real.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Service

Acadecraft offers customized flashcards to clients worldwide. Here, we offer interactive flashcards with downloadable features. Also, we discuss sophisticated concepts on both sides of the cards. With ACT test prep services, clients receive high-quality ACT flashcards that are compatible with mobile, PCs, and tablets. Moreover, our customized ACT flashcards allow learners to practice with as few or as many questions endless time. Our flashcards are easy to integrate into practice tests and quizzes to learn fast and quickly!

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft delivers on paper and online Q&A solutions to academic clients worldwide. Here, we utilize electronic practice test solutions and virtual study materials to deliver effective solutions. Moreover, we cover all ACT modules and sections and follow self-paced learning methodologies. Our professional test prep Q&A s include flashcards, MCQs, short answer questions, and more. Thus, our Q&A solutions emphasize problem-solving and sophisticated concepts. We deliver the Q&As in both digital and printable formats.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft is the favourite option for worldwide eLearning clients. Here, we facilitate the eLearning programs for clients worldwide. Also, multinational Edtech companies opt for our ACT test prep services to integrate our test prep modules in online learning.

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Schools and learning centres in Australia count on Acadecraft for reliable ACT test prep services. Moreover, educational clients worldwide seek out high-quality ACT test prep modules. Here, we extend our services to several public schools and private schools.

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Acadecraft is the trustworthy business partner of worldwide publishing houses. Here, we cater to their professional outcomes and deliver high-quality ACT test prep services. Moreover, we deliver them ACT test prep modules aligned with the latest curriculum and educational standards.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver customized ACT test prep services in multilingual solutions in Australia to worldwide clients. Here, we follow a strict methodology to curate effective solutions.

First, our project managers collaborate with clients and analyze their professional requirements. Next, the academic team designs the blueprint stating the required solutions to develop. Then, our developers’ team executes the plan and develops ACT test prep modules. Finally, quality analysts reviews and run a test session to check its accuracy level.

So, we collaborate, design, execute, and review before delivering projects.

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