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Key Issues

The NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy) is an examination for grade 3, 5, 7, and 9 level learners. This assessment evaluates the literacy and numeracy of young gen Australians. However, the Australian education industry lack in devoting time and R&D effort to curate optimal solutions. Thereby, they land up curating low-quality NAPLAN test prep modules. Also, they complete the formality by curating the same. So, they seek professional NAPLAN test prep services from test prep service providers.

However, not all test prep service providers align with the latest curriculum standards. Few of them deliver outdated syllabus. While the rest lack certified subject matter professionals. Curating NAPLAN test prep modules requires a comprehensive approach to make learners acquire new skills. As the exam consists varieties of sections like Reading, language conventions, and Numeracy. Hence, clients need subject matter expertise that certified professional NAPLAN test prep services provider delivers. Moreover, professional companies offer round the clock assistance and consultation to clients. So, connecting with the right company is essential for clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we provide affordable NAPLAN test prep services to Australian and worldwide clients. Here, our certified and experienced NAPLAN instructors develop high-quality learning modules for NAPLAN. Also, our Subject Matter Experts SMEs deliver customized solutions that ensure clients' higher ROI. At our platform, we practice a holistic approach to make NAPLAN assessment prep smoother for clients. Also, our customized test prep solutions make exam prep fun for learners. Our professional academic team includes in-depth knowledge of the exam format and builds the fundamental skills of learners. Acadecraft offers engaging and multilingual NAPLAN test prep modules. By doing so, we cater round the clock NAPLAN test prep services to different business verticals.

Types of NAPLAN test prep services

At Acadecraft, our team navigates the test prep strategies of NAPLAN to clients worldwide. So, we ensure that clients receive an optimal range of solutions with a high level of accuracy rate.

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Practice tests

Acadecraft offers interactive practice test series for NAPLAN. Here, we offer online as well as paper based solutions aligned with the latest Australian curriculum standards. Our subject matter experts engage learners’ learners with engaging questions of different complexity levels. Moreover, we demonstrate effective pedagogical methodologies that facilitate clients’ test prep taking objectives. Also, our practice test solutions are accessible for kinds of users (HOH and visually impaired). Besides, they are compatible with all kinds of devices and platforms.

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Video solutions

Acadecraft develops high-quality videos by incorporating effective authoring tools and software. Here, we integrate animated characters, dialogue simulations, and engaging elements that drive learners’ attention. Also, in our NAPLAN video solutions, we allow learners to learn modules at their pace. Moreover, our pre-recorded videos meet the latest learning trends. Clients prefer our video solutions because of consistency and less investment in equipment. Our compatible video solutions work for all kinds of learners deifying their strengths and weaknesses.

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Online tutoring

Acadecraft offers customized online tutoring solutions to clients worldwide. In this, our subject matter experts deliver tailored online sessions on writing, spelling, reading, and numeracy. Also, we allow learners to complete or sessions at their own pace. We meet all the professional parameters and our experts put their extensive knowledge to deliver high-quality solutions. Moreover, we facilitate anytime learning with optimal tutoring sessions. Under our NAPLAN test prep services banner, online sessions are flexible and engaging that produces goal-oriented results.

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Textbook solutions

Acadecraft delivers textbook solutions manual for sophisticated NAPLAN problems. Here, we provide a research-based textbook solutions manual. Also, it includes a detailed explanation of every problem that facilitates exam prep. Our platform covers all sections of NAPLAN. Also, they include the textbook problem of varying complexity levels. Hence, clients worldwide or in Australia prefer our textbook solutions. Moreover, we provide textbook solutions in accessible formats like PDF or Word. All in all, our textbook solutions are the best academic help that clients seek for learners.

Our Clients

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Australian and worldwide eLearning clients count on Acadecraft to seek high-quality NAPLAN test prep services. Here, we facilitate the online learning modules and curate effective test prep solutions. Moreover, we happily serve affordable eLearning solutions for NAPLAN test prep.

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Acadecraft’s solutions are used as a benchmark by Australian academic institutions. Our valuable partners are schools and private learning centres. Here, we deliver accurate solutions that meet the Australian education standards.

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Acadecraft is the valuable business partner of Australian publishing houses. Here, we deliver them PDFs and video solutions under NAPLAN test prep services to facilitate the learning programs. Also, our digital solutions are the first choice of our satisfied clients.

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How It Works?

Acadecraft has years of experience in delivering high-quality NAPLAN test prep services to Australian clients. Here, our customized solutions meet the education pattern and clients’ business objectives. First, our project managers collaborate with clients to understand requirements. Next, our academic team designs a blueprint stating all required measures. Then, our developers execute the blueprint by developing accurate NAPLAN test prep modules. Here, they integrate interactive tools and include all tools and elements to curate accurate solutions. Finally, the quality analysts’ team scrutinizes test prep solutions by conducting a test session.

Hence, collaborate, design, execute and scrutinize before delivering projects.

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