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Take your business to the next level with incredible whiteboard animation services

We are a leading video animation agency that provides incredible whiteboard animation services to turn your video format into an effective marketing strategy.
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Key Issues

Animation videos are currently the marketing trend that is gaining the viewer’s attention without burdening any additional resources. More and more companies are nowadays failing to advertise or market their products on the digital platform effectively. Thus, they are taking the help of whiteboard animation videos for marketing and in order to gain higher click-through rates. As these videos are eye-catching, it remains for a long term in the minds of the audiences.

There are many website owners who find it challenging to reduce the bounce rate of their website. Therefore, they are looking for effective ways to deal with it. With whiteboard animation videos, not only the website's bounce rate reduces but the conversion rate increases. If visitors to your website find it to be uninteresting, they will leave it immediately and will not further engage themselves in going further to gain more knowledge about your brand and products. Whiteboard animation videos take up these challenges efficiently and successfully engage the viewer’s attention through humoristic presentation and clear visualizations.

How can Acadecraft Help?

As a top-notch video animation agency, Acadecraft knows the importance of whiteboard animation videos for marketing and advertising any brand or product. Thus, we create engaging whiteboard animation videos that will help businesses and organizations in achieving their sales through the marketing and sales funnels. We use the best practices and strategies to create resource-intensive animation videos that will handle all the critical aspects of marketing.

We help in customizing animation videos as per the needs of the clients. Our professional animators are experienced in creating various types of whiteboard animation videos that are ideal for offering promotional pitches. What makes our video animation services stand out from its competitors is that we present the information in the whiteboard animation video in storytelling and easy-to-digest mode. We are 24*7 available to serve our clients with well-designed whiteboard animation videos that will help them in generating high ROI for their business.

Types of Whiteboard Animation Services

Acadecraft excels in professional whiteboard video production and some of the best services that we offer to our clients are listed here.

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The Overview Explainer Animation

Acadecraft provides the best-in-class overview explainer animation videos usually of 2-3 minutes that work great as a video elevator pitch. While creating these videos, our professional animators do not typically focus upon the “how”, instead they deep dive into the “what” and “why” to do so. Thus, through these videos, we explain the emotions in the big picture.

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Specific Product Videos

These videos are nowadays in high demand because they're being used for advertising and marketing purposes. Our Acadecraft team gets into the nitty-gritty of the specific product while creating videos for it. Through their videos, they try to present before the audience the right emotional story that aligns with the customer’s needs. These videos usually range from 90 seconds to 3 minutes.

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Holiday Greeting Videos

Our pool of professionals at Acadecraft is highly skilled and creative in their thoughts. They have gained a reputation for creating short and fun-related animation videos that usually range from 15 seconds to a minute. The main objective behind creating these videos is to spread happiness and cheer with the audiences on different occasions and holidays.

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The Pre-Roll Ad

Acadecraft consists of professional animators who are experienced in creating these sorts of pre-roll ads. These short whiteboard animation videos are usually of 15 seconds to a minute and it gets featured effectively before a YouTube video. What makes these animation videos a great choice is that they are quite cost-effective and also are specifically targeted to a special audience to get to the website.

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Internal Training Animation Videos

While launching any new product for the company or bringing out any new team members, these internal training animation videos are created and brilliantly used. These videos usually range from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. Acadecraft creates these captivating and engaging training videos that perfectly align with your company’s goals and values.

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Campaign Update Animation Videos

Acadecraft takes pride in engaging with various organizations and campaigns that deliver resourceful services to the world. We create effective campaign animation videos perfectly for organizations that focus on seasonal campaigns and updates. Ideally, the duration of these videos is 2-3 minutes but they are great for social media sharing platforms.

Our Clients

best whiteboard animation providers in AUS

Promotional Marketers

Acadecraft creates excellent whiteboard animation videos for marketing any products or brand. It is being used as an effective marketing tool by highlighting the benefits and usage of a specific product. Through these animation videos, we simplify a complex message and present it in an engaging format.

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Social Media Marketers

Acadecraft delivers outstanding whiteboard animation videos to various social media marketing agencies. These animations are a hot-pick tool for social sharing as it has the potential to achieve mass appeal and go viral. It has been proved as a must-have marketing tool for social interaction in a hi-tech society.

professional whiteboard animation services in AUS


Companies and organizations often want their website to look appealing and engaging to audiences. Acadecraft provides them with high-end whiteboard animation videos for their website which will help them in increasing the conversion rates of their website and thereby reducing the bounce rates.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we follow the proven strategies for creating whiteboard animation videos that will help in accomplishing your marketing goals. Our whiteboard animation production process follows this procedure.

First of all, we begin with taking a deep dive into the objectives and strategies of the project provided by the clients and understand the message inherited into it. Then as per your end goals, we allow our professional script writers to create a script that will successfully accomplish the purpose of your project. Next, we try to incorporate visuals into the script as per the brand guidelines, target audience, topic, and purpose of the video. After that, our team of designing experts create multiple scenes of the whiteboard animation individually as per specified topic and purpose.

Now, we try to implement voices in the animation video and suggest a voice narrator for it. We choose the most appropriate voiceover artists as per the gender, accents, and country of the target audience. As voice is quite a crucial piece for the viewers, we make sure that the inputs that are provided by the clients focus upon and accordingly emphasize the tone, words, and phrases. Now, after collecting all the video assets including the voiceover reading and building out a storyboard, our video animators will create a finished version of the art and deliver the top-class whiteboard animation video. By implementing appropriate visuals, design, and music to the video, we manage to bring the story to life.

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