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Acadecraft integrates transcribed text to provide contextual details
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Key Issues

Hard of hearing users use close captions to understand the content. To aid their visual objectives, professional closed captioning services like Acadecraft incorporate effective elements in the range. These platforms integrate transcribed text from dialogues and sounds. Because of closed captions, users can easily understand the content without turning the sound on. Closed captioning services make video content accessible for businesses. They can connect with non-native English speakers and access to hard of hearing users. Inexperience and unprofessionalism may spoil the business objectives with inappropriately closed captions.

Outsourcing closed captioning services is the perfect option to get your job done at an affordable price. Platforms like Acadecraft are specialized in localizing and making content accessible with their range of services. They are equipped with the latest captioning tools, software and have specialized teams to caption the video content. They transcribe the speech of on-screen characters in user-friendly language. With this practice, a business can effectively engage users in stream programs. Third-party agencies consider your project requirements and work accordingly. Professionally designed captions increase the engagement level of content by 80%.

How can Acadecraft help you?

Acadecraft has a pool of experienced and skilled captioners who write captions for online videos, presentations, live streaming and other content. All files will be 99% accurate with relevant transcriptions. Acadecraft utilizes the latest technologies, tools and human resources to maintain consistency and accuracy in closed captions. Our captioners are masters in language, transcription and computational task. Get the motivated, engaging and inexpensive caption from our specialists. They are fluent in word recognition and mastered phonetics. Our written caption will not only engage disabled users but improve their reading skills as well. Add value to your video content and meet the learning objectives of masses availing of our closed captioning services.

Our motto is to remove accessibility barriers for users and make content accessible for all without any discrimination. Connect with our staff who have quick turnaround time. Whether it is social media content or online videos, the broadcast content or any, Acadecraft is one fit for all sizes. Contact our helpdesk team and allow us to serve optimum solutions.

Methods of closed captioning

Acadecraft increases the engagement and accessibility level of the business videos and provide well-suited captions for viewers.

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Re speaking

Acadecraft offer client a quicker and popular closed captioning services in a broadcast application. Our platform has respeakers who repeat the heard voice into speech recognition software. Then this software transcribes the speech into texts. Our speakers give sensible output to end-user with proper punctuation and formatting. For minimum delay in captions and higher-accuracy in it, choose our closed captioning services. You will not found any language, syntax or access barriers in our captions.

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At Acadecraft, we have stenocaptioners who listen and give shorthand commands in a stenotype machine. These commands correspond to words and sounds users hear. The computer receives real-time captions through stenotype machines. Later the captions are broadcasted to viewers during the live stream. Our stenocaptioners carry expertise in diction, pronunciation and computational tasks. They can work in different working conditions for a different domain. When it comes to important trials, discussion or events, fast typing with accuracy is a must. We have multi-talented stenocaptioners who establish the communication channel between you and the disabled target audience. They are useful for you in any environment.

Clients we serve

Online Closed Captioning Service


Accurate closed captions by Acadecraft are perfect tools used in eLearning websites. Captions are compatible with all Learning Management systems (LMS) and e-learning software. E-learners get engaging and accurate captions that build their knowledge power.

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Broadcasting companies

TV shows and movies are incomplete without closed captions if your audience is foreign-based. Acadecraft follows effective measures to produce accurate captions for Australian broadcasters. We have streamlined captioning process for media agencies. If you are looking for unmatchable and proficient captions for the content, we are the destination.

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Web captions

Businesses across Australia and worldwide connect with Acadecraft to make their online library accessible. We don’t include captions but accurate translations that engage viewers. If you host a digital space video, Acadecraft has sufficient tools to max out your audience. Our captions are useful in any environment.

Closed Captioning Services

How does it work?

Share the project details and requirements at Upload files, paste URLs and all necessary resources that need captions. The project manager will deeply review your conditions and share the price quotation for the same. The project is passed on to transcriptionists and captioners who transcribe the speech into scripts. The next process is captioning, where closed captioners incorporate accurate captions into videos. Nothing is published without review, so our quality check team proofreads the first draft and edits the relevant mistakes. Once we meet the quality standards, we email you the final draft. These multiple rounds of evaluation ensure clients get accurate content. Client’s satisfaction and meeting quality standards are our primary concerns. We help you to connect with the masses, regardless of the accessibility barriers.

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