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Acadecraft is the leading eLearning platform providing comprehensive LSAT test-prep services.
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Key Issues

The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is a standardized law test in Australia. However, most of the clients lack in legal and practical application of fundamentals. Their in-house team do not always have subject matter experts and legal professionals. As a result, they develop poor quality test prep solutions.

So, clients seek professional LSAT test prep services. But, all service providers do not have the expertise or subject-specific knowledge. Also, most of them do not have platforms and study tools to help learners get excellent results. Clients try to save by approaching low cost service providers. As a result, they receive test prep solutions from inexperienced tutors. Moreover, most of the low-cost private tutors don’t have a legal career with prominence and promising potential. Due to this, clients deliver inappropriate study material to learners. Therefore, a credible and reliable service provider in the LSAT test prep becomes important.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, Australian clients get the round the clock customized LSAT test prep solutions. We offer effective study sessions, private tutoring, study guide, textbook solutions, and more. Our subject matter experts deliver step-by-step explanations of textbook problems. Also, they incorporate structured practice sets and score tracking systems to facilitate the evaluation process. Over the years, Acadecraft served clients high-quality LSAT test prep services. Our test prep solutions comprise analytical and logical reasoning questions and answers. Our high-tech functionality and infrastructure make the learning environment engaging for learners. In our assessments, we offer high-level problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, and deductive reasoning to ensure top-percentile results. Our USPs are higher ROI and effective end-to-end solutions for clients worldwide. Regardless of any time zone, we are available 24/7 for clients.

Types of LSAT test prep services

Acadecraft offers the most effective and interactive LSAT test prep services for Australian and worldwide clients. A one-stop-solution is the most viable option to learn within a tight schedule.

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Tutoring Sessions

Acadecraft makes the most of the internet and communication tools to develop online tutoring sessions. Here, our content developers make use of an online whiteboard. We minimize the equipment requirements for clients to increase ROI. Clients receive flexible tutoring sessions at affordable costs. They can access it many times a week. Short impactful sessions are a perfect fit for a flexible schedule.

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Structured Lessons

Acadecraft categorizes extensive topics into smaller learning bits. Our specialists incorporate Comprehension Passage, various activities, Arguments, and Comprehensive Questions. Clients receive access to all learning materials according to their requirements. Our microlearning lessons are compatible with multiple platforms and devices. It is available in ePub, Word, PDF, and HTML5 formats.

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Animated Videos

Acadecraft offers animated lectures and revision videos covering all law fundamentals. Our certified LSAT instructors incorporate learning strategies into animated videos that yield top scores. Impressive, straightforward, and engaging lectures make studying for the LSAT quick and enjoyable. Also, our animated modules include practice questions, quizzes, and actual LSAT exam solutions.

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Exercise Modules

Our subject matter experts and content creators organize relevant LSAT questions into practice exercises. The comprehensive explanations are available in the text and video form. Along with that, we also provide a live tracking system to evaluate the learners’ progress. It gives a rough idea of whether learning programs is effective or not.

Our Clients

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In Australia, many eLearning agencies opt for Acadecraft. Here, we offer a rigorous regimen of LSAT test prep with qualified instructors. Our customized test prep services are the perfect option for LSAT eLearning programs offered by clients.

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Educational institutions worldwide take our complete LSAT test prep package. It includes animated tutorials, online tutoring, LSAT explanations, and more. It helps academic clients prepare customized courses and learning programs for learners.

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Coaching centres

Australian coaching centres count on Acadecraft for interactive test prep solutions. Our test prep services and resources help learners ace the LSATs. Also, our flexible test prep packages meet all customized preparation needs.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver optimized LSAT test prep solutions. Here, our content team carries out extensive research to deliver valuable content to clients.

First, our project managers analyze the client’s requirements. Next, our strategist team designs the blueprint stating all test prep solutions required. Then, SMEs, content creators and the production team develops the test prep solution. Finally, our quality analyst team evaluates the content to ensure its accessibility and accuracy.

Hence, we analyze, design, develop and evaluate before delivering.

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