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About our Higher Education Services

Schools and universities need quality educational content to impart knowledge. With the advent of technologies, the learning process has evolved. Digital learning in higher education enabled the educational institution to offer accessible learning solutions. Acadecraft, the leading higher education service provider, develops and creates accurate educational options for academic clients.

With us, clients get affordable educational solutions to bring their education journey to high potential. Acadecraft energizes clients to make essential trade-off decisions on where to channel their resources. We offer technical and non-technical support like proofreading, copyediting, typesetting, video lecture services, etc. With increase digitization, our experts provided online alternatives to Australian and international agencies.

Types of Higher education services

Acadecraft offers interactive higher education services to Australian clients and worldwide. Our experts help them tackle the most demanding educational challenges. We maintain quality standards, learning objectives and adhere to legal compliances and pedagogy patterns.

NGSS & STEM higher education assessment development services

Acadecraft curates assessment solutions with deep expertise and accurate interactivities. They use innovative technologies to design and summative testing programs. Our experts incorporate higher education testing and evaluation software to ease the grading process of clients.

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Content development

Acadecraft’s content developers deliver high-quality content that helps clients. It helps them communicates with the ideal audience. We maintain the tonality, flow of the structure, and content quality to maximize ROI. Moreover, we optimize empirical data on the knowledge, skill, and attitudes.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Services
Copy Editing

Acadecraft makes clients stand out from a crowd with the flawless and accurate edited document. Our skilled editors edit various forms from Annual reports, Manual, Website content to Marketing material, brochures, and other documents.

Psychometric Assessments higher education assessment development services

Acadecraft embraces new technologies for offering typesetting services to clients. Our platform is equipped with digital layout machinery to ensure our clients become global leaders. We emphasize layouts, fonts, colours, and graphics to create the perfect impression.

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Curriculum Development

Acadecraft’s curriculum developers build a systematic approach to map content. We include interactive solutions, high-quality graphics, online simulations, and others. Also, our experts incorporate strategies, exercises, content, and subject matter analysis.

Item Banking Assessment Development Services

Professional proofreaders at Acadecraft make every documents error-free. Regardless of the complexity level of documents, we handle volumes of documents daily. We review the content, eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies for maximum impact.

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How does it work?

Our platform continuously works with educational clients worldwide. The optimal solution is our commitment. Therefore, we follow this multi-step methodology

At Acadecraft, we initiate the service-providing process by analyzing the client’s requirements. Our project managers create a blueprint and pick the right eLearning solutions. Next, developers, subject matter experts, and instructional designers execute the blueprint. Finally, the quality analyst team reviews the project. After quality approval, clients get the final delivery of the project. Briefly, we analyze, create, pick and execute the plan before deliver higher education service.

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