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Enhance the learning experience by turning your lectures into a virtual classroom through video lectures

We are one of the top-class agencies that offer you video lecture conferencing solutions for creating a rich virtual classroom that is perfectly optimized for learning.
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Key Issues

It is undeniable to say that digital videos are gaining huge popularity nowadays. It has widespread popularity even in the education system. At present, more and more students prefer video lectures as a tool for learning everything- from a basic skill to advanced learning. Through the traditional medium of learning, students do not get instant availability of teachers to resolve the point which seems difficult to them while reading. But this problem is also resolved by making learning more effective and accessible through effective educational video platforms.

Not only students but there are schools and affiliated institutions that are facing issues regarding the campus location and the students. But with quality educational video lectures, these educational barriers have been broken down, thus there is also an increase in the rising demand for video lectures. Those students who learn slowly, for them the video lectures are a boon as it allows them easy access to courses whenever they want. Also, it allows the students to learn at an individual pace with unlimited access to learning materials. Apart from effective learning of the curriculum, video lectures also provide the students an easy convenience. It offers them the opportunity to self-study and self-test.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is one of the top-rated agencies that offer high-end video lecture services across different parts of the world. We possess a team of content developers, video editors, and analysts who are specialized in creating excellent video lectures that stand out from the rest. The video lecture services that we deliver are easily accessible and it comprises software and manual solutions. What makes our services flawless is that we have a tendency to provide high-quality video lectures that can easily and quickly transform digital assets.

Our professionals are highly skilled and have a decade of experience in supplying different organizations and clients with videos that meet their commitments. They use high-end technologies and proven processes to deliver seamless video lectures that successfully enhance the learning experience of the learners and help in increasing the ROI of the business. Our customer executives work 24*7 to help the clients with their needs. In addition, we offer our clients 100% guaranteed compliance in making videos.

Types of Video Lecture Services Offered

Acadecraft creates a pathway to provide students with an immersive learning experience with the help of customized and high-quality video lectures. Some of the services we offer are as follows

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Video Recording and Streaming

Acadecraft offers excellent video lectures with a one-click recording feature and a simple and intuitive interface. Our team of professionals offers you fully scheduled classroom recordings and it comes with smart input detection. The video lectures are remote monitoring and they can be processed both in online and offline modes. It has an accessible user interface and also allows remote monitoring even from a mobile device.

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Video Management

At Acadecraft, we manage the API and software development kit of the library of videos that can be easily downloaded. We share the fully automated video lectures as soon as their recording finishes, embed them with the LMS button, integrate well with major cloud platforms, automatically transcribes the videos with speech recognition feature, and integrate well with the closed caption providers for easy video accessibility.

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Video Learning and Engagement

Acadecraft comes with a team of professionals who are experts in creating video lectures that engage the learners. The video lectures are made accessible for mobile and PC devices and are linked to make discussion with the students required for active learning. Also, student response activities are to be embedded into the classroom videos and presentations for accessing the student learning and contextual digital notes are provided.

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Video Analytics

All the video lectures provided by Acadecraft are embedded with the instructor’s dashboard which continually updates the instructors with the analytics on how much the student is engaged in real-time. As our video lectures come with analytic dashboards, it provides you real-time learning activities on student learning behaviors along with the risk indicator systems. It also helps in monitoring the system administration.

Industries We Cover

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Corporate Training

Acadecraft often provides exceptional Microsoft-related video services to clients overseas. Also, they keep in mind the training elements and traits that need to be included in the video lectures for proper training of the employees.

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E-Learning Platforms

Many e-learning platforms collaborate with Acadecraft for gaining easy access to top-notch video lecture services. These e-learning platforms require video lectures for different subjects and for the distinct level of learners that perfectly meets their learning objectives.

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft delivers high-end video lecture services to various educational institutes. These lectures seem to be an outstanding source for those learners who need some extra support in studying the subjects and making their concepts clear as it is all time accessible.

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How It Work?

At Acadecraft, we follow a seamless workflow of the process for creating captivating and effective video lectures in a user-friendly way.

We at first hold a discussion with the clients to get an insight into their needs and requirements. Then our team proceeds with the requirements to create video lectures based on their specific needs. Next, we add captions to it to make the lectures much more interesting and captivating for the learners. Then subtitling is added to the videos in order to make the lectures convenient and easily accessible for the learners who have a hearing impairment. After that, our team of lesson planners adds assessments based on the courses or topics discussed to assess how many students are able to catch up with the video lectures. Accordingly, our backend classroom manager includes in it some functionality that will help in accessing and managing the progress and success of the students. Last but not the least, our analyst team analyzes and accesses the videos, and then it is being delivered to the clients.

In a nutshell, our workflow at Acadecraft involves captioning, subtitling, assessment, functioning, and testing.

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