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Accelerate digital transformation through innovative AR and VR services and solutions

Being a leading company, we follow a blended approach in providing you with the best AR and VR services that are catered to meet your specific engineering and industrial requirements.
online virtual reality services

Key Issues

Both augmented reality and virtual reality are technologically advanced products. These are being recently incorporated in the learning field where learners gain hands-on learning experience. Nowadays, practicing skills is quite important for remaining updated with the latest technologies of the industry, and AR and VR services help in doing so. It also helps the e-learning service providers that find it difficult to provide immersive learning experiences.

Organizations that find it challenging to maintain the interest of the learners along with accomplishing the learning objectives, for them these services are exclusive. Also, it becomes essential for e-learning organizations to form customized learning paths in digital courses with elaborative feedback and virtual assessments. So, it also requires professional designers who are well equipped with the latest VR and AR technology and possess adequate knowledge of advanced learning analytics. This will help in achieving perfection. It also assists in developing technical soft skills and enhances the effectiveness of the learning materials. So, it allows the users to make knowledge and learning fun by utilizing the digital medium, thus making the most use of the digital learning space.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we possess a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who are experts in building AR and VR frameworks and environments. We help in enabling you to explore all the tangible advantages of these emerging technologies. When you collaborate with us, we make sure to create an immersive and delightful experience for our customers. Throughout your VR and AR journey, our experts will be there to understand your organizational challenges, define the problem and isolate the solutions, build storyboards and perform the tests accordingly.

What makes us unique in this field is that our in-house team of designing experts leverage platforms that includes ARKit, Wikitude, ARCore, Unity, and others in order to design and develop engaging, unique AR and VR applications that help in driving digital growth. We utilize the best practices and thinking and leverage global methodologies for growth. Also, we use the kinaesthetic learning concept which allows the learners to perform some physical activities that help in knowledge retention as well as assimilation. We continually try to deliver immersive experiences to the learners that make them feel like presenting real-life opportunities for training and development. Apart from this, we also facilitate self-guided exploration to the learners which encourages them to learn from their own mistakes.

Types of AR & VR Services

services that are informative, interactive, self-explanatory, and easy to understand for the learners.

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E-learning Apps

Acadecraft creates highly effective and functional apps for various e-learning institutes and enterprises dealing with education. We expand the learning purposes based on performances and as per the learning comforts and compatibility of the devices. These applications undoubtedly deliver an optimum learning experience to the learners.

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Visual Storyboard Development

As a prime feature of our AR and VR services, Acadecraft offers visual storyboard development solutions. Our team of skillful experts helps in developing visual storyboards too without compromising the information, its outlook, and essence. Whatever solutions we deliver, all are in accordance with the context and the background.

AR and VR Apps Development

We also have a separate software development team that creates extensive AR and VR applications as per the target audiences and business needs. We offer affordable AR and VR applications for industrial sectors and educational institutes that meet all the elements and objectives of the industry.

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Engineering and Medical Simulation Apps

Acadecraft is a leader in creating simulation apps for both engineering and medical learners. The apps that we develop by using AR and VR technologies have standard layouts, resourceful instructional designs, and interactive modules attached with the animations and 3D graphics that make it quite effortless to understand.

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3D Graphics and Animations

Acadecraft comes with a team of experienced professionals that provides exclusive 3D graphics and animation services. We are specialized in conducting extensive research for designing various animation and 3D graphics projects which require AR and VR services that too at cost-effective rates.

online virtual reality services in AUS
Content Development

Acadecraft is one of the leading AR and VR service providers that offer exclusive content development services as per the training goals and learning objectives of the institutions. So, we are a perfect choice for those institutions that are looking for interactive e-learning solutions for training in different concepts.

Our Clients

ar and vr services in AUS


Acadecraft offers interactive VR and AR services to various enterprises and businesses. We deliver unique e-learning solutions based on content that are to be employed in various industrial training hubs. As we offer engaging and informative training, it quickly enhances the productivity of the learners.

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft is one of the most well-known AR and VR service providers to e-learning platforms and institutions. We make sure that the business goals meet the learning objectives of the institutions and in the meantime, the learners get confronted with real-life problems.


Education Industry

Acadecraft delivers the best-in-class AR and VR services and solutions to a multitude of educational institutions and business enterprises. Our exclusive and recognized solutions perfectly align with the learning objectives and the curriculum framework.

AR & VR services online in AUS

How It Works

At Acadecraft, we follow a simplified procedure of our workflow. We ensure that the learners get in-depth knowledge about the subject, find out better concepts and get video contents that are easily understandable in order to ace their learning curriculum.

To begin with, we understand the basic requirements of the organization and then proceed accordingly with identifying the areas that need to be developed using AR and VR technological strategies. After that, our professionals make sure to document the required efforts for implementing those strategies effectively to get the ultimate output. Thereafter, we build a storyboard and create a script. Before actually developing the relevant content, this is done by utilizing manuscripts and designing the blueprint or manuscripts accordingly. At last, the work is being handed over to our team of quality analysts for verifying the language and accuracy of information and editors for accessing the contents easily.

In a nutshell, the different processes of our workflow can be easily summarized into 8 steps which are as follows: understanding the requirements, identifying the focussed areas, documenting the efforts required, creating scripts, building a storyboard, designing a blueprint, developing relevant contents and accessing the content for accuracy.

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