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Live captioning services of broadcasters, video makers and other agencies worldwide.
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Key Issues

Verbal communication is easier for regular users but not for hard of hearing (HOH) users. Globally the population of HOH users is 6.1% of the world’s population. Live captions assist them in reading on-screen captions displayed in real-time. It is easy to embed in live presentations or videos. It helps aurally challenged users to understand the information quickly, even in a sound-sensitive environment.

Video is becoming a great source of learning and entertainment. Looking at its importance, organizations and video creators are outsourcing live captioners to increase audience engagement.

Life captioners use advanced tools to ensure speech to text conversion matches the speaker’s language. They work remotely without interfering with your event, conferences or meetings. Good listening skills make them unique. Live captioners connect with speakers via phone call or other means and create real-time captions. Professional live captioning services like Acadecraft has speech recognition software, phonetic keyboards and advanced tools that make live captioning easier and quicker. Once captioning is done, it is streamed over screen gadgets with the help of an internet connection.

How can Acadecraft help you?

Acadecraft has experienced live captioners in their team, supported by quality check experts, production engineers, IT teams, and technical services. Choosing us will deliver you the highest quality of live captions. Rely on us to get round the clock customer support. Get an unmatched experience in live captioning for your videos, live TV shows, meeting, conferences and other events. Without hampering the viewer’s attention or speakers’ content, our designed captions are placed perfectly in your streaming content. Our captioners make sure viewers get accurate content in the minimum possible time.

Clients in Australia and worldwide prefer us because we deliver the best solutions that no one gives. Our platform relies both on technology and human captioners that has accurate live captions for projects. Meeting global accessibility standards like WCAG 2.0 and others is our utmost priority. Our designed solutions remove the accessibility barriers for everyone.

Types of live captioning services

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Remote live captioning services

Acadecraft comprises more than 200 live captioners for web conferences, lectures, seminars and other live events. They stream live captions through the internet directly to screen gadgets. Our created live captions streamline the broadcasting process and open up the videos for hearing disabled users. We are comfortable in any part of the globe. You need an internet connection to connect with our remote live captioners.

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On-site live captioning services

Get 99% accuracy in verbatim produced in real-time. Live captioners at Acadecraft uses advanced tools and translation machine to minimize the chances of re-speaking. On-site captioners are well equipped and a perfect choice for any live event. They can mould themselves for any venue and event. All you need is to give them access to all relevant resources. They coordinate with speakers to deliver accurate captions to disabled users.

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Teleconference captioning services

Acadecraft produces high-quality captions for teleconferences, Skype calls or other kinds of voice calls. Dial our captioners who will transcribe the content in less delay time. In case any technical issue arises during the teleconference, they can quickly fix up the program perfectly and make any additional corrections specified by the client.

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Electronic notetaking

Live captioners at Acadecraft are specialized in computer-assisted notetaking. They provide speech access to HOH users and facilitate their equal participation with other colleagues. An ideal option for non-native speakers, clients, contact us in their training meeting. Clients predominantly use them for hearing problem users who are not familiar with the native language.

Clients we serve

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Acadecraft delivers live captioning services in business meetings, conferences and training sessions. It helps corporate to connect with not only HOH users’ but also non-native English speakers. We follow an automated process producing cost-effective closed captioning with a quick turnaround time.

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Online educators across Australia and other nations look towards Acadecraft to get compliant with accessibility standards. Our captions are easy to use, affordable and compatible with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other learning tools.

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Live captioning by Acadecraft boost the viewers’ base for marketing companies. We help them drive sales, make the product reach more consumers worldwide, fulfil the business requirements for decades, and increase the consumer base.

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Ed-tech companies

Ed-tech companies approach Acadecraft to incorporate accurate captions for e-learning modules. They also have HOH users and other disabled users on their consumer list. We being a premium agency, assist them with relevant solutions to make their ends meet.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, clients get accurate live captioning services for businesses worldwide. Suppose you are live broadcasting a special event and need a caption. Our live captioners listen to the content carefully and type those words in your broadcasting systems.

Viewers can watch the broadcast media with live captions. Fast and accurate typing is what clients look for in every service provider, and we meet these parameters. Project managers, quality check team, and other department professionals are available around the clock at your service. Just place an order and get the magical result!

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