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Businesses regularly use media-rich products for multiple purposes, including brand promotion, company logo and symbols, website content, eLearning content, and many other purposes. But, the media-rich products must be engaging, vibrant, and strictly align with the client’s objectives. So, the companies often search for professional media service-providing companies that can deliver customised media services regularly.

Acadecraft is a leading media services providing company. We offer all media services, including animated videos, typography videos, whiteboard videos, explainers, and others. Only certified and experienced animators develop our media services. We curate the products after properly understanding the client’s objectives and thorough research on the topics. Hence, our media products include only relevant and accurate content and are business-friendly.

In addition, the quality assurance experts thoroughly check the products before delivery. They ensure that the media-rich products do not contain any repetitive, plagiarised or copyrighted elements. We ensure that our products are authentic, glitch-free, and error-free. Acadecraft offers customised media services at incredibly affordable rates to clients. Thus, our services have a higher ROI value. We guarantee timely delivery, full-time services and 24x7 client support.

Types of Media Services

We have certified experts for 2D, 3D, and Extended Reality services. We offer tailor-made services to satisfy client’s specific requirements.

2d video animation services
Animated Videos

Acadecraft has proficient animation experts who develop explicit animated videos for eLearning, brand promotion, and other purposes. We develop 2D animated videos, 3D animated videos, flash animation, animated storyboards, stop motion videos, illustration videos, among others. We also edit and modify the videos based on the client’s needs.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are often used for producing eLearning and training content. Acadecraft has proficient subject matter experts who guide the whiteboard animators to develop accurate and error-free learning videos. In addition, we also develop whiteboard explainers and illustration videos for multiple business purposes.

professional 2d videos animation services
Explainer Video

Companies often require explainer videos for sales brochures, social media posts, product illustrations, and other uses. Acadecraft has explainer video specialists who develop short but lucid explainers that can accurately showcase all the exciting features of the client’s products and services. Our services help clients enhance their business outreach.

professional 3d videos animation services
Typography Video

Engaging typography can enhance the efficiency of any form of business communication. The typography video experts of Acadecraft make sure that all the texts in the videos are understandable and their speed is perfectly balanced. We work on temporal typography, scrolling typography, dynamic topography, and fluid typography videos.

2D and 3D Video services
Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are hugely beneficial for explaining very short concepts. We develop social media motion graphics, sales collaterals, explainer motion graphics, statistical motion graphics, and festive greetings. We also design error-free eLearning and technical motion graphics for all subjects and academic levels in Australia.

2d and 3d animation services in AUS
Animated and Presenter Based PPTs

Organisations regularly require different types of PowerPoint presentations. Acadecrfat develops animated PPTs for multiple uses and mediums. We also develop presenter-based PPTs for conferences, seminars, and classroom learning. Our PPTs are highly engaging, error-free, and strictly follow the client’s instructions.

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Image Processing

Acadecraft delivers both software-based and code-based image processing services to clients. We process both digital images and printed images. We offer image editing, colour enrichment, 3D image processing services for black-and-white, coloured, and binary images. Our software engineers and IT professionals deliver customised services regularly.

2d video animation services in AUS
AR & VR Services

Clients regularly use extended reality services to create an immersive virtual reality world for their consumers. Acadecraft delivers Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality services for eLearning content, virtual labs, simulation software, AR-based QR codes, superimposition software, Virtual Reality Games, and many other AR & VR products.

Our Clients

2d animation explainer video in AUS

Business Houses

Nowadays, business companies use multiple media-rich content for their websites, blogs, social media, and digital marketing. Acadecraft delivers fully customised media products to clients within deadlines.

professional 2d videos animation services in AUS

E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft delivers accurate media-rich eLearning content developed by experienced subject experts. We develop whiteboard videos, motion graphics, explainers, presentations, and many other products for clients.

professional 3d videos animation services in AUS

Media Companies

We develop quality animated videos, AR & VR products that are tailor-made for our clients. We also deliver efficient typography videos that suit the specific requirements of the media companies.

2D and 3D Video services in AUS

How It Works?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to understand their objectives and requirements. Then, our experts design the preliminary content of the products. When the primary layout gets approved, our animators and media service experts develop final products accordingly. Then our quality assurance experts check the overall quality of the products to ensure that they are authentic and error-free. If we are satisfied with their quality, we deliver the products to the clients.

Hence, we connect, understand, design, review, develop, check, and deliver!

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