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Delivering range of PAT Science assessment materials with high-level of engagement

Acadecraft is an E-learning platform offering test prep services for PAT Science to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The PAT Science (Progressive Achievement Test in Science) is an assessment that evaluates the scientific literacy of learners from Grade 3rd to Grade 10th. In Australia, many schools lack proper ways of assessing scientific knowledge in education. They do not always have the required infrastructure. Also, sometimes their educators do not work on realistic questions and integrate knowledge from multiple domains. Clients lack in revamping PAT Science assessment systems to make them more compatible with advanced STEM standards using innovative teaching methods.

Thus, they approach professional service providers. However, not all agencies can demonstrate scientific skills in assessment preparatory modules. They cannot formulate open-ended problems, projects, and presentations. Clients seek professional help to building cognitive abilities in their learners. But lack of technical and academic experts hold them back from developing accurate PAT Science test prep material. Hence, a credible service provider with years of experience and technical expertise is a must for clients.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we have an extensive range of science tutors with years of experience in their niche. All our subject matter experts and academic writers understand The Australian Curriculum and clients’ requirements. With us, clients receive the test prep solutions for all key scientific concepts. From elementary to advanced levels, we help all target audiences ace PAT Science assessment. Acadecraft offers 24/7 test prep services to clients from different time zones. We provide practice tests, digital solutions, or interactive worksheets. Our subject matter experts provide science tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and problem sets as well. Also, our customized approach to developing preparatory modules aligns with the client’s objectives. Acadecraft commits to deliver higher ROI through engaging services that maximize the consumer base of clients.

Types of PAT Science assessment services

At Acadecraft, our specialists offer a range of PAT Science test prep solutions to clients. Here, we affordable services to global organizations that are easy to administer into online learning modules.

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Specimen Set

Acadecraft offers practice OMR sheets, CDs, and printed teaching manuals to clients. Our specimen set for PAT Science is updated with the latest Australian syllabus. Also, it contains interactive science quizzes, practice tests, quick notes, and chapter summaries. Clients receive compatible CDs that work on all operating systems.

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Video lessons

Short duration video lessons include animated characters, dialogue simulations, and interactive illustrations. Also, it contains short stories, extracts from science books, and nonfiction texts. Our video chapters contain relevant scientific information. Moreover, it increases the learners’ productivity and scientific literacy.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Service

Acadecraft has subject matter experts who design printable PAT Science test pep services while adhering to an updated curriculum. We offer teaching manuals, tabular worksheets, and answer sheets at competitive market prices. Also, we pinpoint specific aspects of science in the questionnaire for further teaching and learning.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Clients receive high-quality workshops from Acadecraft’s specialists. Here, we offer them accurate consultation on creating test preparation modules. Also, we brief them about science frameworks to so that they develop accurate modules. We provide online and offline consultations to clients round the clock.

Our clients

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Acadecraft is associated with worldwide eLearning platforms. With us, clients receive interactive assessment resources. It helps them developing eLearning programs for the learners and develop their scientific understanding.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services


Australian schools approach Acadecraft for PAT Science assessment resources. Across the nation, in all states and territories, we aid the learning requirements of clients. Moreover, we deliver them test prep resources of different complexity levels.

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Coaching centres

Acadecraft provides interactive test prep materials to coaching centres. They contain real-time tracking systems, scientific notes, and research journals. Moreover, our high-quality services provide details of learners’ performance on specific test questions.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we provide engaging PAT Science test prep services, following multi-step methodology. Here, our specialists mould scientific information into accurate test prep materials.

First, our project managers analyze and design the blueprint aligning with project requirements. Next, content developers execute the blueprint by developing appropriate learning material. Finally, the quality analyst team reviews the test modules to check for accuracy and efficacy.

Hence, we analyze, design, execute and review before delivering.

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