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Effective AI & ML Solutions for All Business Needs

Acadecraft uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to develop efficient business and eLearning solutions for clients.
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Key Issues

Companies can use artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies to derive effective solutions to complex business problems. Businesses worldwide are now inclining towards AI & ML services to deliver a more personalised experience to their consumers. But, developing effective AI-ML products and solutions require special expertise. There are many AI-ML algorithms, so it is sometimes difficult to identify which method will give the most appropriate solution to the existing problem. Hence, the companies often seek the help of professional AI / ML services providing companies who can deliver the most accurate solutions within deadlines.

However, since Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is still under research and development, the service-providing companies often lack experienced AI-ML experts. The inexperienced experts often get confused among the different algorithms and fail to deliver the required service. Also, the companies sometimes lack adequate research professionals and QA experts who can test the efficiency of their products. Hence, the clients often get insufficient products and services.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has a specialist team of experienced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Experts. They conduct regular researches to identify, test, and recognise the potential of different AI-ML methods and algorithms. Hence, we are well familiar with the pros and cons of different algorithms and apply the most appropriate method to satisfy the client’s requirements. In addition, our quality assurance experts repeatedly check the products’ efficiency to ensure that they satisfy the client’s requirements.

Acadecraft delivers efficient solutions for business, eLearning, marketing, and other requirements. We have experienced subject matter experts, animators, AR & VR experts who assist our AI-ML experts in developing appropriate eLearning and business content. We offer different services, including chatbots, pricing software, AI-Based eLearning apps, and others. Our proficient data analysts analyse the data given by the clients to identify the crucial points which can be used to develop AI-ML based products. Hence, our solutions solve the business issues from their roots.

Our clients can request modifications at any time if they feel necessary. We respond to the client’s requests within 24 hours. Our services are incredibly affordable and business-friendly. They have a higher ROI value. Acadecraft guarantees timely delivery of services and full-time support to clients.

Types of AI-ML Services

Acadecraft delivers research-based and customised AI-ML services to satisfy the varied requirements of the clients.

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Real-Time Chatbots

Real-time chatbots are regularly used by businesses to deliver 24x7 consumer support. Acadecraft develops fully customised chatbots for clients. The clients can feed the messages and information into the system based on their requirements. The chatbot software will evaluate the data and generate the most appropriate response.

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Consumer Recommendation & Churn Models

Businesses can use machine learning algorithms to analyse which consumers are not returning to their services regularly. In addition, they can also analyse the browsing habits of their consumers to deliver more personalised services and suggestions. Hence, these services help businesses to enhance their business outreach.

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Dynamic Pricing Softwares

Our efficient data analysts analyse the purchasing habits of our client’s consumer base to identify the most effective price range. Then, they feed the data into the dynamic pricing software. Using this software, our clients can decide the most appropriate price for the products ensuring greater business conversions and profits.

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Personalised eLearning Apps

Acadecraft delivers tailor-made personalised eLearning applications for our clients. These AI-based eLearning apps adjust the speed of learning based on the consumer’s behaviour. The clients can monitor and compare their learners and deliver the most appropriate eLearning content using these applications.

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AI-Based Games

Acadecraft has experienced animators, subject experts, and game developers who develop unique AI-Based games for their clients. Our clients can use our services to develop learning-based games, training based games, language-based games, and many other types of AI-based games. They can customise the structure, layout, and other aspects of the games.

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Market Research & Decision Support

Companies can use AI systems to predict the expected outcomes of a certain decision after analysing the impact of the decisions taken in the past. The data analysts and machine learning scientists develop efficient algorithms to deliver customised suggestions and accurate predictions to clients.

Our Clients

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Business Houses

Acadecraft delivers the most accurate consumer suggestion software, dynamic pricing software, and other AI and ML-based solutions to business houses. Our services help the clients to enhance their consumer base and business profits.

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eLearning Industry

Acadecraft delivers fully personalise AI-based eLearning applications to the eLearning industry. These products help our clients to have greater control over the content delivery process and ensure enhanced learner experiences.

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Media Companies

The media companies use our AI-ML services to generate automatic news feeds, analyse the viewer’s data and customise the schedule accordingly. We also develop efficient chatbots and digital assistants for the client’s media applications.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, we first connect with our clients to fully understand their needs and requirements. We also collect relevant data and information which we feel is necessary for the project. Once we have all the information and instructions, our data analysts and research scientists conduct thorough research and analysis of the collected data. We identify all the key points from the collected data. Then, our AI-ML experts develop the solutions and products based on the client’s requirements. When the products are ready, our quality assurance experts check the efficiency, performance, and overall quality. Finally, we deliver the products to the clients.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, collect data, analyse the data, develop the products, test their performance, and deliver the products to the clients.

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