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Acadecraft is a leading educational services provider offering quality question banks and assessment papers regularly to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The question banks are prevalent amongst the K12 educational organisations. But, the readymade question banks available in the market may contain many unnecessary and irrelevant questions. That is why the clients look for professional question bank developing companies that regularly deliver customised question banks.

However, the services providing companies may not have certified and experienced SMEs. In addition, their experts may not have specialisation in developing questions for the K12 level. That is why their questions are often inappropriate and repetitive. Also, the clients often require a bulk number of question banks regularly. But, the service providing companies often do not have the required resources to handle large projects. So, they fail to satisfy the client’s requirements.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has developed a specialist team of certified Subject Matter Experts who are experienced in developing appropriate question banks and assessment sets for the K12 curriculum in Australia. Our team delivers accurate question banks for more than 45 K12 subjects in Australia, including English, Science, Mathematics, and Humanities subjects. We are proficient in handling large projects and ensure full-time services to our clients. The question banks are customised to include the most appropriate questions based on the client’s requirements. Our question banks are affordable and have high ROI value.

In addition, we have efficient curriculum researchers who research and curate unique questions that can test the client’s learners’ thinking, understanding, and reasoning abilities. We develop both solved and unsolved question banks for our clients. We also deliver separate solution sets for the question banks and deliver them to our clients. Moreover, we have experienced quality analysts who repeatedly check the accuracy of the products before delivery. Hence, our question banks are understandable, error-free, and strictly as per the prescribed K12 curriculum in Australia.

Types of Question Bank Development Services

professional question bank development services in AUS
Objective Question Banks

We have specialist SMEs who have expertise in developing unique objective questions for the K12 level. Our clients can customise the types and patterns of questions to be covered. We cover Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Select Questions, Assertion-Reason type questions, Comprehension-based MCQs and many other types of questions.

k12 questions services in AUS
Subjective Question Banks

Our subjective question banks include both long and short answer type questions. Our question curators ensure that all the relevant topics included in the client-prescribed curriculum are thoroughly covered. Our clients can request modifications at any time. We deliver the services regularly to our clients.

professional question bank development services company
Summative Question Banks

Summative question banks include both objective and subjective type questions. We develop tailor-made questions and assessment papers for our clients. Our experts follow the same question pattern as is followed by the client organisations. Acadecraft develops fully-solved, partially solved, and unsolved question banks for the clients.

k12 questions services company
Computational Question Banks

The computational question banks are specially developed for the eLearning providers, allowing learners to use certain computational features like calculators, onscreen keyboards, and other relevant tools. We develop error-free questions based on mathematics, statistics, reasoning, and quantitative logic, along with subjective questions.

Our Clients

best professional question bank development services

Educational Organisations

The educational organisations require question banks, textbooks, assessment papers, and other services regularly. Acadecraft delivers customised and error-free services which strictly follow the prescribed curriculum.

Best k12 questions services

E-Learning Industry

We deliver online question banks, assessment papers, auto-evaluated quizzes, online study materials, and more services to our eLearning industry clients. We deliver accessible web content following WCAG guidelines.

Best professional question bank development services in AUS

Textbook Developing Companies

Acadecraft delivers tailor-made question sets to textbook developing companies. We offer chapter-wise customised services to our clients. In addition, we also deliver alt-texts, graphics, page designs, and many other services.

Best k12 questions services in AUS

How it work?

At Acadecraft, we always believe in fully understanding our client’s requirements. So, our experts first connect with our clients to discuss the project in detail. We understand the motives of the clients and study the prescribed curriculum and syllabus. After studying the syllabus, our question curators also research the different types and patterns of questions framed from the given chapters.

After completing the research, our SMEs develop the question banks. When the products are complete, our quality analysts check the accuracy and quality of the questions to ensure appropriate, relevant, and error-free content. If we are satisfied with the quality of the products, we deliver them to our clients. We also provide the required edits and modifications after delivery. Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, research, develop, check, and deliver!

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