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About our school exams test prep services

With the advent of technology, schools worldwide are opting for new learning trends. Whether it is for course curriculum or test prep modules, clients seek high-quality and engaging solutions. However, academic clients lack subject-specific expertise or pedagogical tools and resources that are required to create optimal test prep modules. Also, most of the clients do not have experienced academic professionals to facilitate test prep and making learners exam-ready. Amid this pandemic, clients require professional school exams test prep services provider to facilitate virtual learning and continue education virtually

So, Acadecraft introduces school exam test prep services that meet the professional objectives of clients. Here, we provide multi-test assessment solutions for various school level based exams like NAPLAN, TORCH, COMPASS, and others. Also, we deliver the latest educational solutions that saves L&D time for clients. Moreover, our certified instructors and academic professionals develop high-quality solutions for making learners exam-ready. Our platform delivers 24/7 services and multilingual solutions to different zone clients.

Types of school exams test prep services

Over the years, Acadecraft has been serving a range of school exam test prep services to academic clients.

NGSS & STEM item writing service

Acadecraft offers customized STAT test prep solutions in multi-languages. Here, our subject matter experts, STAT instructors create effective test prep solutions. So, clients who lack technical and L&D competency to develop STAT test prep modules avail of our professional school exams test prep services. Moreover, all our solutions are accessible to worldwide learners.

Technology Enhancement Item Development Assessment Development Services
PAT Maths

Acadecraft produces high-quality PAT Maths test prep solutions for global clients. Also, all of our respective test prep modules include interactive math puzzles, quizzes, online videos, and other engaging solutions. Moreover, we include customized dashboards and tools that minimize human intervention.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Service

Acadecraft offers interactive reading passages, exercise, and mind booster PAT-R problems. With us, clients receive customized school exam test prep services with high-quality solutions. Here, we provide affordable solutions that deliver maximum output to clients. Also, our engaging PAT-R assessment solutions include customized LMS compatible across all devices.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development
PAT- Science

Acadecraft has certified science experts develop accurate PAT Science test prep solutions. Moreover, we are the credible platform integrating science quizzes in the form of flashcards and video lessons. Here, we follow multi-step methodologies to include scientific data in the assessment solutions. Also, we deliver customized solutions and impart key scientific concepts.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development
PAT Maths Plus

Acadecraft offers interactive and memorization techniques to PAT Maths Plus assessment solutions. Here, we clients receive fully worked solutions for all Mathematics questions. Also, our PAT Maths Plus instructors introduce standardized mathematical concepts with technical sessions and learning solutions.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft has certified and experienced professionals that deliver high-quality COMPASS test prep solutions. Here, we have adequate technical expertise that is proficient in the literacy and numeracy of the students. Also, we emphasize our multimedia elements and interactive solutions that make learners productive for the COMPASS test.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft includes visual elements and engaging and interactive solutions. Here, we follow a customized approach to developing video lessons, online tutoring, assessment, and printable. Also, we design accessible solutions for TORCH test prep solutions. Moreover, we provide all interactive modules that enhance the knowledge retention of learners.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers interactive NAPLAN test prep modules with fundamental knowledge of key concepts entailed in it. Also, connect with our platform to take consultation to boost the NAPLAN test taking process. Moreover, our engaging NAPLAN solutions are developed by experienced instructors who carry years of experience in the same.

Our Clients

E learning item writing service


Worldwide eLearning platforms collaborate with Acadecraft to facilitate online learning modules. Here, they avail of school exams tests prep services for different exams for different academic levels. Also, we help several online learning portals with our quality test prep modules.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services


Public schools and private schools in Australia or worldwide rely on Acadecraft to avail of school exam test prep services. Here, we serve them video solutions, online tutoring, or customize flashcards to several schools.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service


Acadecraft maximizes the brand’s potential in the global publishing industry by serving them school exams test prep services. Here, our platform and professionals maintain confidentiality and deliver high-quality results to digital and print publishing houses.

process item writing service provider

How It Works?

Acadecraft’s school exams test prep services are clients’ favourite. Hence, we adhere to a global working process to deliver industry-leading results.

First, our project managers collaborate with clients to determine the price quotation. Next, our strategists design a blueprint stating the required measures. Then, developers execute the plan by integrating authoring tools and resources. Finally, quality analysts scrutinize the solution to check its accuracy.

Hence, we collaborate, design, execute and scrutinize before delivering.

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