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We offer various interactive eLearning content translation services, including articulate storyline, storyline 360, and others.
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Key Issues

Nowadays, the education industry uses various software like articulate storyline series to develop highly interactive and media-rich eLearning content and courses. The organisations want to market these courses throughout the world. But, learners around the world do not follow the same language. That is why the companies often seek the help of professional storyline translation companies to localise their eLearning content and breach the language barrier.

However, translating storyline content requires special expertise. The translators must ensure that their services are compatible with desktop, mobile, and tablet storyline versions. Also, the service providing companies often fail to make interesting translated storylines, as the content loses its essence during translation. That is why the translated eLearning courses are not as effective as the original ones.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has professional linguistics experts who are specially trained in storyline translation. We deliver accurate translation and localisation services for all versions of the articulate storylines, including storyline 360, storyline 3, and Rise 360. Our services are compatible with all devices. In addition, we always make sure that the essence of the content is preserved during the translation process.

Our linguistics experts deliver customised storyline translation services to clients. These tailor-made storylines deliver a personalised learning experience to client’s learners. Our experts translate business content and eLearning content for all academic levels and subjects. We deliver accurate translations in more than 45 world languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarine, and others.

After translation, we thoroughly check the translated version and rectify any errors. Our storyline services are incredibly affordable and delivered within shorter deadlines. We provide multiple edits and modification services if requested by our clients. We offer full-time services and long-term commitments to clients. In addition, our client support executives are available 24x7.

Benefits of Our Storyline Translation Services

The storyline translation services have multiple benefits that enhance the business prospects of our clients. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

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Responsive Courses

The storyline courses are always very responsive. The translated courses ensure that the client’s learners get to learn the topics at their own pace. So, the courses repeatedly collect responses to evaluate the learning progress.

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Accurate Interactive Features

The clients often add multiple interactive features to make the courses engaging and interesting. Acadecrfat translates all the interactive elements, including videos, motion graphics, and interactive activities and assessments.

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Graphics Enrichment

Acadecraft has experienced subject matter experts who enrich the graphical content of the courses based on clients requirements. In addition, we localise the texts and modify the images to perfectly match the translated texts.

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Font Replacement

We understand that with the language change, the font styles and typesettings also change drastically. Hence, we have specialist font replacement experts for multiple languages. They adjust the typesetting to suit the translated version.

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Unique Translation Formats

Our storyline translation experts develop unique translation formats that are tailor-made to fulfil the client’s requirements. In addition, our clients can request further modifications and give suggestions based on their needs.

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Accessible Translation

All our translated web content follows the WCAG 2.0 guidelines to ensure accessibility to the specially-abled. Hence, the eLearning courses are available to a wider consumer base, ensuring enhanced business profits for our clients.

Our Clients

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E-Learning Industry

The eLearning industry regularly translates the different eLearning courses into multiple languages. Acadecraft offers expert-delivered translation services at an affordable rate to our clients.

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Educational Institutes

Acadecraft translates online lectures, learning videos, storyboards, explainer videos, illustrations, and other media-rich content for educational institutes. We offer full-time services regularly to the clients.

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Business Companies

Business companies often translate business videos. Acadecraft delivers appropriate business translation, which enhances the efficiency of the promotional videos, resulting in enhanced business outreach.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we first have a detailed discussion with our clients. We understand their needs and objectives in detail. Then, our linguistics experts first study the courses. Then, our translators prepare the translated script and content for the course. Our software engineers and animation experts then integrate the translated scripts with the eLearning courses. When the translated courses are ready, our quality assurance experts check the overall quality of the videos. They verify all the facts and ensure that the videos are error-free. When we are satisfied with the quality of the videos, we deliver them to our clients.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, study, translate, integrate, check, and deliver the most appropriate storyline translation services to our clients in Australia!

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