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Our designed blended learning solutions retain the knowledge and expertise of learners.

At Acadecraft, we tailor learning solutions that fit individual and organizational requirements.
Online Blended Learning - Classroom based e-learning

Key Issues

With strict social distancing measures, more organizations are switching to blended learning solutions. E-learning vendors like Acadecraft assist the in-house L&D team in developing an effective blended learning curriculum. Regardless of the type of learner organizations want to target, we bridge knowledge gaps through our solutions. We have decades of expertise in delivering valuable training programs to organizations. Our blended learning solutions are integrated across LMS, devices and eLearning modules. Professional agencies like us create robust, multi-approach and agile courses. Workforce can make the most out of our learning solutions.

We provide a blend of computer, self-paced and other learning modules to meet your specific training needs. Acadecraft makes the most out of the webinars, eLearning modules and traditional classroom to reinforce the learning application. Your employees can access training parts of the world and interact with fellow-co-workers. We minimize the training cost and duration by delivering effective blended learning solutions. We have a proven track record in helping global business leader and retain professional knowledge. Outsource a reliable agency to meet your training needs!

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft delivers customized blended learning solutions for organizations worldwide. We bridge training gaps with face-to-face and online training methods. We blend instructional led-training and eLearning modules Acadecraft maintains regular communication with instructors and learners. Specialists' team designs course consists of a message board, instruction, the learning modules themselves and a test. We boost digital education amid the crisis with remote training solutions, online learning modules and other study material. Physical interaction along with eLearning is possible with Acadecraft. Clients can connect us 24/7 to get effective eLearning modules at affordable prices.

Types of blended learning solutions

Enterprises from different business vertical rely on Acadecraft for availing blended learning solutions. We are the perfect match for their training requirements because of the range of services. Here are few learning models that we offer to make organizational training objectives effective.

Blended Learning - Classroom based e-learning services
Flipped classroom

Acadecraft blends face-to-face and virtual training that makes it the ideal fit for organizations. We don't allow the workforce to compromise their daily work for lectures. In this model, our module developers provide training programs to employees in advance. It helps to get the gist of training seminars and allow to internalize concepts before in-person interaction.

Blended Learning - Classroom based e-learning service provider in USA
Virtual Live Training

Acadecraft offers virtual live training programs to speed up business operation at different locations. It is a perfect alternative for corporates whose employees are struggling to commute. We help entities in minimizing logistics, financial and other resources and deliver organized training modules.

Blended elearning Solutions
Enriched Virtual Learning

Acadecraft utilizes online resources to emphasize face-to-face training in virtual sessions. It gives opportunity to online participants to revisit the content and revise afterwards. Online simulations, games and other elements enhance the learning experience of learners.

Online Blended elearning Solutions

A standard blended learning solution that most organizations prefer is available on our platform. Acadecraft allows employees to pick the relevant courses they want to pursue and finish them at their pace. The entire learning process is self-paced, and learners get round the clock access to connect with qualified instructors.

Blended Learning - Classroom based e-learning
Flex model

When you have a small group of learners in training programs, the flex model by Acadecraft is best for you! We make online training modules available for the employees on their workstations. We foster peer-based learning through this model. Here, employees can collaborate and teach themselves.

Clients we serve

Blended elearning Solutions


Acadecraft copes up with the latest educational trend to curate effective and engaging blended learning solutions. We design successful eLearning modules for global clients. It is a blend of traditional and online learning to build a knowledge scaffold. Our designed solutions educator's time in virtual sessions can instead help weak students through one-on-one interactions.

Blended Learning - Classroom based e-learning

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities worldwide seek blended learning solutions from Acadecraft. We explore new technologies and cutting edge tools like PowerPoint, virtual classrooms, video lectures and others. We improve the quality of education and make teaching more productive for educational institutions in the USA, UK and other nations.

Online Blended Learning - Classroom based e-learning


Acadecraft serves optimum blended learning solutions to meet the publishing needs of publishers. We create informative, engaging and effective learning solutions that grab their readers' attention.

Blended Learning - Classroom based e-learning services

How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we have a personalized and straightforward developing procedure of blended learning solutions. We meet the organization's training requirements following this simple methodology: Our project managers identify and analyze client's objectives. After that, they guide the developers' team to take the required actions. Developers create, design and develop blended learning solutions for training modules. They incorporate all the relevant tools and learning resources that make the eLearning modules effective and engaging.

Finally, the quality assurance team evaluates the first draft. They examine any grammar or syntax error in the project. Clients receive the final delivery after a green signal from the quality check team. We are open to re-work if the final results for unsatisfied clients.

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