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Acadecraft is the leading SAT test prep services provider delivering customized solutions to clients worldwide
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Key Issues

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is the standardized admission assessment. It evaluates the readiness of learners for college level. The SAT score is the most important factor for college admissions. However, the Australian educational clients lack in adequate human and technical resources to curate effective SAT test prep solutions. This assessment evaluates learners’ skills in math, reading, and writing, and includes an optional essay. However, clients fail to curate customized test prep solutions due to inadequate technical and manual expertise. Hence, they outsource professional SAT test prep services providers.

But, not all service providers meet the client’s objectives. Sometimes, professional test prep agencies have inadequate learning resources. Also, few of them do not have certified subject matter experts. Hence, by availing low cost SAT test prep services, clients put their brand integrity at risk. Clients require a tailored solution that ensures higher ROI and goal-oriented results. Therefore, collaborating with professional SAT test prep solution providers becomes essential for them. Moreover, reliable test prep companies offer 24/7 SAT test prep services to support clients.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we recruit certified and experienced SAT instructors. Here, we provide customized SAT test prep solutions to Australian and worldwide clients. Also, our platform delivers flexible SAT test prep modules that fit every academic clients’ requirements. Acadecraft utilizes rapid authoring tools and other cutting-edge tools to develop advanced learning modules. Our platform emphasizes learners’ productivity. All in all, our advanced learning resources, subject manner experts, and test strategies help learners stay focused and clients improve test-taking strategies.

Acadecraft minimizes the technical burden on clients by delivering effective solutions. Also, we offer affordable SAT test prep services that fit every professional budget. Moreover, clients outsource our multilingual solutions that meet the L&D objectives of worldwide clients. We offer 24/7 services to worldwide clients and ensure higher ROI.

Types of SAT test prep services

Over the years, Acadecraft has been providing optimal SAT test-prep services. Here, we meet the latest Australian educational standards and provide high-quality professional learning modules to make learners SAT exam ready.

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Online tutoring

Acadecraft has certified and experienced online tutors that deliver quality virtual SAT tutoring. Here, our company recruits the best and certified online instructors that deliver round the clock tutoring solutions to clients. Also, our subject matter professionals put extensive knowledge and foster a learning environment built on openness and trust. Moreover, our platform’s professionals provide assured guidance that improves the scores of learners. We narrow down the complexity level of sophisticated SAT concepts. Besides, we offer one-on-one or one-to-many SAT tutoring solutions.

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Practice Tests

Acadecraft offers full length SAT practice test solutions in online and on paper format. Here, our academic team put extensive knowledge and effort to curate effective SAT test prep solutions. Also, we integrate sample questions, interactive questions, and previous year questions to drive learners’ attention. Here, we strive to deliver the best knowledge through our effective practice test solutions. Also, we include an automatic scoring system that allows learners to keep you on track with section time limits. Our digital practice test solutions are downloadable and accessible for multiple learners.

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Printable solutions

Clients prefer our printable solutions like worksheets, textbooks and reference books. Acadecraft offers an affordable package for printable solutions for SAT Math problems and other relevant SAT sections. Also, our printable solutions have updated the syllabus. Moreover, our subject matter experts and academic team integrate tips and tricks, interactive ideas, and smart approaches to solving SAT problems. By availing of SAT test prep services, clients receive 99% accurate printable solutions that promise learners engagement and quality solutions.

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Video solutions

Acadecraft offers interactive SAT problem solving videos to clients at the best quoted price. Here, integrate video explanations for every question. Also, our videos are compatible with every plugin and operating system. Our platform offers downloadable solutions with interactive study materials. Moreover, our customized video solutions are mostly preferred by clients. Our bite-sized learning videos are accessible to multiple learners. All in all, we integrate effective test taking strategies in high-quality videos.

Our Clients

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Acadecraft utilizes adaptive learning technologies for valuable eLearning clients worldwide. Here, we provide accurate and reliable SAT test prep services. Also, our team optimizes the learning experience for worldwide eLearning companies serving multilingual SAT solutions.

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Australian learning centres and academic institutions avail of Acadecraft’s SAT test prep services. Here, we offer them accurate learning resources that facilitate test prep programs for clients. Also, we serve our quality solutions to several traditional test prep companies.

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Acadecraft aids different publishing houses worldwide. Here, our SAT test prep services are utilized as a benchmark solution by the publishing industry. Also, we are the standardized test prep service provider for the publishing industry.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, our experienced academic team serves quality SAT test prep services. Here, we determine clients’ objectives and follow the disciplined methodology.

First, our project managers collaborate with clients and analyze their requirements. Next, our strategists pick the correct solution. Then, our developers’ team executes the plan as per the strategists’ team guidelines. Finally, the quality analysts’ team evaluates SAT test prep solutions. Also, they examine its efficiency and accuracy level.

Hence, we collaborate, pick, execute and evaluate before delivering projects.

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