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Efficient Learning & Training Through SCORM Compliant Solutions

Acadecraft delivers learning courses in SCORM format, ensuring that clients receive the best training solutions possible.
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Key Issues

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is a compilation of technical tools that makes eLearning modules and Learning Management systems work together. Most corporate organizations do not have any appropriate Learning Management System content (LMS) to upload their learning modules. Clients have to import content from other sources and then integrate it into the training programs. They do not have advanced tools to ensure that their training programs run on all LMSs.

Clients lack in experience and expertise to deliver successful eLearning content on LMS. They need technical expertise and interface knowledge to connect content and LMS. Also, many lack instructional design knowledge. Hence, creating a SCORM-conformant LMS is a challenging task for them. Therefore, to reduce the burden of complexity on LMS developers, they seek professional help. SCORM compliant solutions require great attention to detail, lots of testing and experience, which clients lack.

How can Acadecraft help?

How can Acadecraft help? Acadecraft is a leading SCORM compliant solutions provider. We support clients across different business verticals with SCORM compliant LMS. The digital team at our platform performs a complicated SCORM developing process. Clients rely on us for different SCORM versions like SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Our digital team comprises of technical experts, SMEs, and content developers. Apart from technical support, we help clients navigate the SCORM standard. We offer software solutions and curate eLearning products compliant with all SCORM standards. We fully automate the routing, tracking, and follow-up of training tasks. We understand the internal training requirements for clients and investigate the perfect solution that fits all organizational needs. Our solutions boost client engagement, device compatibility and ROI. We deliver to clients at all times and worldwide.

Benefits of SCORM compliant solutions

SCORM compliant LMS benefits clients for employee training and eLearning.

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SCORM-compliant LMS allows clients to integrate various learning materials to meet specific organizational needs. They can create customized content and combine SCOs (Scrabble Content Objects) to create unique training programs for different group learners. Additionally, our Scorm compliant LMS allows clients to write indexing rules to optimize teaching content as the learner advances.

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No organization wants to upgrade its LMS frequently, but it is required. Training managers always replace LMS. Acadecraft's SCORM e-learning facilitates LMS interoperability between eLearning content. It allows learning platforms and course content to work together seamlessly. Also, it allows clients to choose their preferred multimedia whenever the organization upgrades their LMS.

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The next advantage offered by SCORM compliant solution is reusability. It not only saves the client's time but makes it a fair deal to invest in. It is a boon for organizations that produce or consume more content. SCORM's plug-and-play functionality allows the client to create and distribute courses on multiple platforms.

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Interactive content

SCORM offers a stimulating and engaging environment to learners. There are many tasks and other elements included in solutions. Features like dynamic text, mini-quizzes, and more, with suggestions for learners to click on images, make it interactive. Additionally, clients incorporate extra activities like competitions, point-scoring, and leader boards to facilitate gamification learning.

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Easy editing

SCORM facilitates easy adjustments and changes in the eLearning content. Using multiple editing tools, clients can adjust content quickly and cleanly without affecting the entire training plan's stability or continuity. Several authoring tools allow users to change the content in an agile manner. Easy editing and up-gradation of learning modules enhance learner engagement and ROI.

Clients we serve

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Acadecraft is the global SCORM compliant solutions provider. We create high-quality customized solutions with an interactive learning experience for eLearning firms worldwide.

Online elearning educational design services

Educational Institutes

Schools, colleges and universities seek SCORM compliant LMS services to deliver interactive learning solutions. We blend education with technology to increase learner engagement globally.

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Australian corporate clients and business agencies seek our SCORM compliant LMS solutions. Our solutions assist clients in delivering excellent industrial training programs from remote locations.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we follow a holistic approach to create cost-effective SCORM solutions. Our project managers utilize the proper use of eLearning tools.

First, they understand the client's requirements and choose the right SCORM-package accordingly. Next, our developers' team determines the correct resolutions and display size for the project. Once these exercises are completed, the creation process starts. The digital team creates interactive SCORM compliant LMS and learning content. Furthermore, the Quality Analysts evaluate the first draft and detect errors to rectify. Finally, after quality approval, we deliver it to clients.

Hence, we understand, choose, determine, create, evaluate and rectify before delivery.

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