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Acadecraft develops explicit audiobooks for clients worldwide. We deliver our services in more than 45 languages.
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Key Issues

The popularity of audiobooks is increasing day by day. So, businesses often look to convert their printed books into audiobooks to increase their reach. But, creating audiobooks is not easy. The books must be vividly narrated so that the consumers can feel the essence of the literature. That is why the companies often search for professional audiobook producing companies to create quality audiobooks in multiple languages.

However, many services providing companies lack experienced narrators in many languages. They also lack quality transcriptors who can translate the script into other languages. That is why their services are usually limited to a specific set of languages. Hence, they fail to fulfil the client’s requirements. Also, the service providers usually lack sufficient resources to handle large projects. So, they often deliver the services late, which results in inconvenience for clients.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft is a leading localisation services provider around the world. We have proficient translators and transcriptors in more than 45 languages. Moreover, we have certified linguistics and elocution experts for individual languages. Hence, we offer quality audiobook development services in multiple languages. Moreover, our experienced translators also translate the books into multiple languages and build their audible versions. Our narrators first read the literature thoroughly and analyse its meaning. So, they narrate the story to make the essence of the text understandable to listeners. It helps our clients to create an immersive experience for their consumers.

Acadecraft has a large panel of experts, so we can efficiently handle large-scale projects. We ensure to deliver all our services strictly within deadlines. In addition, our quality analysts check the quality of the audio files. Hence, our audiobooks are accurate and glitch-free. In addition, Acadecraft has experienced audio editors who conduct the required modifications before and after delivering the products. Acadecraft delivers audiobook development services in multiple audio formats, including MP3, MP4, WMA, and AAC audio. Our services are cost-effective, error-free, business-friendly, with timely delivery.

Types of Audiobook Development Services

Acadecraft delivers edited as well as unedited audiobooks in all audio formats and multiple languages.

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Unabridged Audiobooks

The unabridged audiobooks contain the entire book without any kind of editing, omission, or modification. The unabridged audiobooks are often used to conserve the literature in the form of audio files. Our expert elocutionists narrate the books in a very engaging and interactive manner to make them interesting.

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Abridged Audiobooks

The abridged audiobooks contain modifications from the original texts. Our language experts first thoroughly read the book, understand it, and then develop a script to enhance the story’s effect. Such audiobooks are more interesting to hear, hence more ensure more profit for the client organisations.

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MP3 Audiobooks

MP3 audiobooks are highly beneficial for both online and offline publishing. Acadecraft delivers both edited and unedited audiobooks in MP3 format for our clients. Our audiobooks come in varied lengths, which our clients customise. Our clients can even divide the audiobooks into multiple chapters based on their needs.

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MP4 Audiobooks

Our clients often use MP4 audiobooks for online publishing or audio in videos, motion graphics, and others. Our experts develop tailor-made MP4 audiobooks for our clients. Our clients can even suggest the changes or give a pre-developed script, and we will deliver the audiobooks accordingly.

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Windows Media Audiobooks

Windows media audio formats are usually used for digital publication. Our experts develop the WMA audiobooks of customised length and sections. In addition, our proficient sound engineers even convert audiobooks from MP3 and MP4 format into glitch-free Windows Media Audiobooks.

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Audiobooks Using Advanced Audio Codings

Advanced Audio Coding format is highly beneficial for publishing smartphone-friendly audiobooks. Acadecraft delivers effective AAC format audiobooks for android and other smartphone applications. Our clients can request the entire book in a single audio file or multiple audio files based on their needs.

Our Clients

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Publishing Houses

The publishing houses convert the printed books into audiobooks to conserve the literature and enhance their reach. Acadecraft delivers large-scale projects with timely delivery to the publishing houses.

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E-Learning Industry

The eLearning industry often needs audiobooks for online publishing and use in animated videos. Acadecraft delivers accurate custom-designed audiobooks in multiple formats for our clients.

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Educational Organisations

Educational organisations often require audiobooks to conserve the books present in their library and develop animated storyboards. Acadecraft delivers efficient services to fulfil all their needs.

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How It Works?

At acadecraft, we first connect with our clients to know their exact requirements. After discussing the project in detail, we assign it to one of our expert Audiobook developing teams. The experts present in the team first go through the project details and distribute work accordingly. If the books need translation, our language experts first translate the books. Then, our editors edit the books based on our client’s requirements.

Afterwards, our narrators start developing the audiobooks. Once the audiobooks are ready, our quality analysts check the audio file’s quality, and the audio editors make the necessary changes. If we are satisfied with the final quality, we deliver the audiobooks to our clients. Our clients can request further modifications if necessary.

Hence, we connect, discuss, understand, translate, edit, develop, test, edit, and deliver the most appropriate audiobooks for our clients.

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