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Affordable and Error-Free Assessments and Test Items for Clients

Acadecraft delivers custom-curated formative, summative, and interim assessments, with multiple test items, including MCQs, true-false, and assertion-reasons type questions.
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Key Issues

The education industry requires different types of assessments for various learning objectives. They need diagnostic assessments, which can analyse the understanding of their learners, along with the formative and summative assessments for everyday examination purposes. So, they require professional assessment development and test item developing companies that can deliver affordable and error-free services regularly.

However, many services providing companies lack experienced assessment development experts. They assign the projects to inexperienced subject matter experts, who fail to deliver unique assessment questions. Moreover, the service providers usually do not copyedit the assessment papers. Hence, the questions may contain errors. Also, they fail to deliver services regularly due to the lack of full-time experts.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has specialist SMEs who have long experience in developing all types of assessment papers and test items. We design efficient diagnostic assessments, as well as formative, interim, and full-length summative evaluations. Our diagnostic assessments are scientifically developed to identify the weak points of the client’s learners. Also, we follow customised layouts for all the assessments. Our assessments are aligned, equitable, transparent, and informative. We also offer and support evidence-based assessment services.

Our SMEs have expertise in both short and long-type test items. We develop objective and subjective assessment papers for our clients. We also deliver accurate answer-keys and detailed solutions for the questions at the client’s request. Moreover, the quality analysts check our products thoroughly to ensure that they are error-free. Our services are affordable and have a higher ROI value. We provide timely delivery and full-time services to our clients.

Types of Assessment and Item Development Services

Acadecraft delivers both online and printable assessments and test items for our clients. Some of our services are discussed below.

K 12 testing and assessment Services
Diagnostic Assessment

Acadecraft delivers custom-designed diagnostic assessments to fulfil our client’s learning objectives. We design the tests to enable our clients to analyse the performance of their learners on the required domains. Our clients can suggest the topics of the tests.

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Formative Assessment

Acadecraft develops interactive quizzes, project layouts, learning activity methodologies. Our clients can use our formative assessment services to assess the chapter-wise understanding of their learners. We deliver formative assessment services on a weekly and monthly basis.

k12 assessment services in AUS
Summative Assessment

Acadecraft delivers full-length summative assessment papers which are strictly based on the K12 curriculum in Australia. Our experts track the question pattern in different schools and design fully aligned and equitable summative assessment papers.

professional assessment & item development services in AUS
Interim Assessment

We develop topic-based interim assessment papers for internal evaluation. Our clients can suggest a syllabus that needs to be followed for these assessments. We deliver the interim assessment services quarterly and half-yearly, but the clients can customise the schedule.

K 12 testing and assessment Services in AUS
MCQ Items

Our assessment experts develop appropriate MCQ test items for our clients. We also deliver MCQ-based assessment papers on the given topics. The quality analysts thoroughly check the accuracy of the questions. We also offer answer keys for our client’s assistance.

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True-False Items

Acadecraft delivers chapter-wise, topic-wise, and syllabus-wise true-false test items. The clients suggest us the curriculum, and we provide tailor-made true-false questions accordingly. Our SMEs develop unique questions. We also offer a logical explanation for the questions.

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Assertion-Reason Items

Our Assertion-Reason specialists develop higher-order thinking based Assertion-Reason test items that can be used to check the client’s learners’ understanding, reasoning, and thinking ability. Our clients can customise the options and question levels.

professional assessment & item development services
Long-Answer Test Items

Our experts develop passage-based as well as stand-alone long answer test items. Our clients can use our services to assess the writing ability and thinking ability of their learners. The questions are equitable, comprehensive, and customised based on the client’s needs.

Our Clients

professional K 12 testing and assessment Services

Educational Organisations

Acadecraft offers weekly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual assessment services regularly to our clients. We strictly follow the prescribed K12 curriculum for developing all our services. We offer full-time support to our clients.

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E-Learning Industry

We deliver topic-wise customised assessments, online quizzes, examination portals, and more services to the eLearning industry. Our online contents are accessible and follow the WCAG 2.0 guidelines for accessibility.

professional k12 assessment services in AUS

Textbook Development Companies

We deliver customised topic-wise, chapter-wise, and section-wise test items for multiple subjects to the textbook development companies. We offer regular services and full-time support to the clients.

professional assessment & item development services in AUS

How it work?

Acadecraft connects with the clients to understand their requirements. We discuss the projects in detail to understand the client’s objectives. Then, we assign the project to a specialist team of experts. Our experts study the instructions, do appropriate research, and develop the projects within deadlines. Once the products are ready, our QA experts check the contents’ accuracy and analyse their quality. If we are satisfied with the quality of the products, we deliver them to our clients. Our clients can request modifications, if required, post-delivery.

Hence, we discuss, understand, research, develop, check, and deliver!

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