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Key Issues

Writing content for higher educational levels can be tricky if one doesn’t have the skill set necessary to align information to the learning objectives and the corresponding standards of the curriculum framework. Besides, pedagogy plays the most important role in developing academic content without the knowledge of which any content writer will fail to present information in a grade-appropriate and subject-specific manner.

Brands need advanced knowledge of the discipline as well as advanced literary skills to develop educational content. Even if the SMEs possess extensive knowledge, their lack of ability to relate the prerequisite knowledge to the on-grade knowledge is an issue. Higher education content development demands a greater understanding of aesthetics. As disciplines in this phase manifest deeper and more intricate knowledge and information respectively, organization of content, using high-quality supporting images, and appropriate formatting becomes essential. For clients in different time zones, maintaining delivery time can be a hassle.

Content Development Services at Acadecraft

Acadecraft delivers higher education or tertiary education content development services through a team of Subject Matter Experts, designers, editors, and animators. The SMEs are specialized in one or more concept fields spanning Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) levels 5-10. We provide content development services for diplomas; advanced diplomas; associate degrees; bachelor degrees (including honors); graduate certificates; graduate diplomas; master’s degrees; doctoral degrees; and higher doctoral degrees. At Acadecraft, our teams are devoted to format content in such a way that they are interactive and well-organized. They should also be supported by relevant examples, graphical representations, and other inclusions. All of these happen under careful guidance from our quality analysts who map development blueprints in tune with clients’ guidelines and requirements. All our departments have 24x7 working hours to facilitate seamless content delivery across different time zones.

Quality Assurance

Acadecraft’s Quality Analysts (QA) possess proofreading and editing skills.The QA team packs knowledge in different disciplines and is proficient in several languages. They scrutinize each content developed by our SMEs for quality and plagiarism. Since our QAs are extensively experienced, our quality assurance is full-proof. With their punctilious analysis, the QAs ensure that the contents are-

  • Plagiarism-free
  • Client guidelines-oriented
  • Aligns to learning objectives, standards, framework, and metadata
  • Completely free from all types of grammatical errors
  • Factual and cuts across all levels of intellectuality
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Types of Educational Content Development Services

We work in accordance with regulations of AQF levels, clients’ guidelines, and curriculum framework. Some of our tertiary education content development services are -

Textbook creation Higher Education Content Development Services
Textbook Content

Acadecraft is an ace content development services company that offers and promotes interactive and easily accessible academic content. We believe in clarity, reliability, and authenticity. We follow the precise requirements of our clients while developing content for them. We offer a full range of content for print and electronic media such as e-Books on a variety of subjects. Our academic content writers develop textbook contents keeping in priority the mandatory inclusions in a textbook. They constantly come up with better solutions to make textbooks even more efficient.

Solution manuals education Content Development
Solution Manuals

Acadecraft designs step-by-step illustrative, interpretive, and clear solution manuals that help students not just to discover the answers to typical questions but also strengthen the concept knowledge of students. Simply, aside from helping students to solve problems, our solution manuals give them enough insight to solve similar problems in the future.

Test banks Higher Education Content Development Services
Test Banks

Question banks or test banks are extremely efficient for the preparation of exams. Acadecraft has an archive of text banks and along with that, it develops bespoke test banks on client’s requirements. Our question banks have fresh items that are subjected to expert feedback. They are also revised until they are declared reliable and valid. We also use various types of statistical measures to validate the question banks, thus ensuring maximum reliability.

Curriculum designing Educational Content Development

Our team of educational content development services providers consists of curriculum-designers who are accustomed to the pedagogy associated with different concept fields of higher education or tertiary education. While designing the curriculum, our team matches the prerequisite with the additional learning knowledge and the on-grade knowledge. Thus, they develop learning objectives, and map them to the common standards. We also design interactive and substantive teaching patterns for professors and cover every area of curriculum development therein.

Lesson plans Content Development services
Lesson Plan

The lesson planners at Acadecraft are adept and innovative. They are experts in segregating information, and planning the delivery of all subject-specific key information in a lesson. We make the learning experience illuminating by enhancing accessibility. We also incorporate high-quality content and visuals that make the concepts more understandable to the students.

Practice papers Educational Content Development
Practice Papers

Practice papers are common among higher education students all over the world. Acadecraft being the top educational services provider in Australia fabricates exceptional practice papers and for all concept fields and AQF levels. Our SMEs have an upper edge over competitors due to their immense industrial experience.

Our Clients

E learning education Content Development


We are well-versed with the latest tools and technologies required to develop interactive items at par with the global standards. We always strive to transform the eLearning experience of clients.

Colleges Universities Higher Education Content Development Services


Being at the top of educational content solutions providers in the world, we have a comprehensive knowledge of the pedagogy and curriculum of world education. We adhere to our clients’ curriculum and prescribed blueprint.

Industrial Training Educational Content Development


Acadecraft has a repertoire for developing the best educational content required for eminent clients. We have been holding our ground as one of the most reliable companies in the industry that the publishers opt for.

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How does it work?

We work in a process that guarantees that the students find better concepts, thorough and comprehensive knowledge, and easy-to-understand content to ace their curriculum.

We start by first understanding the requirements of clients. Then, we identify the areas that require development. After that, we document the required design accordingly before developing relevant content. Finally, our quality analyst team and editors assess the content for complete accuracy.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, identifying, documenting, designing, developing, and assessing.

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