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Offering Affordable Textbooks That Are Tailor-Made to Meet Client’s Requirements

Acadecraft is a leading educational service provider, offering customised full-length textbooks, topic-wise modules, and chapter-wise study materials at an affordable rate to clients.
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Key Issues

The education industry constantly looks for the most suitable textbooks which will include the most necessary topics for their learners. But, the books available in the market sometimes include either too-detailed or too-short content that may not satisfy the clients’ needs. That is why organisations often search for customised textbook developers who can deliver tailor-made textbooks based on their requirements.

However, textbook development companies often lack experienced Subject Matter Experts and Quality Analysts. They largely depend on the client’s pre-developed content for textbook development, but they fail to deliver fresh research-based ideas, which the clients often require. Also, the companies take a long time to provide the textbooks. They even skip the copyediting step sometimes to reduce the time lag. Hence, the books often contain errors. Moreover, the companies usually do not do any modification, if required, after publishing the textbooks. Thus, they fail to satisfy the clients fully.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has experienced Subject Matter Experts who have developed quality textbooks in the past. We first discuss the details about the texts with our clients and include only the desired topics. Hence, our books are tailor-made to satisfy the client’s requirements. Moreover, the SMEs and subject researchers do adequate research and develop quality study materials, which the organisations desire. Also, our quality analysts and copyeditors check the textbooks rigorously and deliver error-free books at an affordable rate.

We develop the textbooks strictly within deadlines. Also, we send the softcopies to our clients for final review before publishing them. Hence our clients can request modifications if required. We develop the necessary graphics, add suitable images, and write appropriate alt-texts for the pictures to make the textbooks enjoyable. We have specialist alt-text writers who research the photos to find interesting facts relevant to the topic. They write useful alt-texts using the information. We also provide regular upgrades and republishing services to our clients to ensure that the textbooks align with the latest K12 curriculum in Australia.

Types of Textbook Development Services

Acadecraft develops both offline textbooks and eBooks for our clients. Some of our textbook development services are discussed below.

Textbook Development Services
Subject-Wise Textbook Development

Acadecraft has certified Subject Matter Experts who cover more than 45 subjects for K12 education in Australia. Our experts are well familiar with the school curriculum and develop accurate and error-free textbooks for each subject. Also, we provide yearly updates and revisions for the books based on the client’s requirements.

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Topic-Wise Study Materials

Acadecraft delivers short topic-wise study modules, including a single chapter, or a group of topics, as instructed by the clients. Our Subject Matter Experts conduct thorough research and include many latest facts and statistics to make the content more engaging and understandable. We provide full-time modification support and on-time delivery.

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Alt-Text Services

Acadecraft is a leading Alt-Text developer providing services to leading publishers worldwide. We develop alt-texts for all subjects. Only specialist experts design our alt-texts. We do not use any software to auto-design the texts. Also, our quality analysts proofread the alt-texts before delivery to ensure that they are accurate and error-free.

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Interior Page Design Services

The interior pages of the textbooks need an appropriate design to make the books exciting and engaging. Our professional interior page designers deliver accurate designs that can effectively enhance the essence of the contents. We provide individual layouts for each page to match the context of the current topic.

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Cover Page Development Services

Acadecraft has specialist cover page developers who design the cover page of the K12 textbooks to highlight the actual theme and content of the books. They use vibrant colours and relevant images related to the chapters included. We ensure that the cover pages are attractive enough to increase the interest of the client’s learners.

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Textbook Updating Services

The textbooks need regular updates to match the latest changes in the curriculum. Our Subject Matter Experts and Curriculum Researchers identify the discrepancies in the books and suggest/develop appropriate modifications. We deliver the textbook updating services at regular time intervals to our clients.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers tailor-made textbooks, study materials, worksheets, assessment papers, and many more services to educational organisations. We provide timely delivery and full-time support to our clients.

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft delivers online study materials, quizzes, and experienced online tutors to the eLearning industry. The clients can use our services to provide 24x7 support to their learners. We follow WCAG guidelines for accessibility.

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Publishing Houses

Acadecraft delivers alt-text development services, cover page and interior page designing services, copyediting services, and many other services to the publishing houses. Our services are affordable and accurate.

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How it work?

We first connect with our clients to understand their requirements in detail. After receiving the instructions, our Subject Matter Experts conduct thorough research and develop the products accordingly. After creating the soft copies, we send them to our clients for review. Once our client approves the products, we print or publish them as required. We always deliver the products strictly within deadlines. We offer full-time support and free modification and update services for the first year.

Hence, we discuss, research, develop, review, publish, and deliver the most appropriate K12 textbooks to our clients in Australia.

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