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Engaging Test Prep To Enhance PAT Mathematics Qualification In Australia

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning platform providing high-quality test prep materials.
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Key Issues

The PAT (Progressive Achievement Tests) Mathematics is a paper-based Math assessment for Grade 3 to 10. It evaluates the Mathematical knowledge of learners. However, the education industry is not well-equipped with learning resources needed to prepare the learners for this test. Thus, they deliver poor-quality test prep solutions, resulting in lower qualification rates and performance. Also, they lack in providing reliable assessments and professional learning support to learners. Therefore, clients outsource from professional test prep agencies.

However, not all agencies carry the required expertise. Some lack in technical parameters, while the rest do not have the required subject-specific knowledge. It is witnessed that many freelancers or low cost PAT Mathematics test prep services are available buy they do not have the adequate experience. As a result, clients are unable to offer effective resources to learners at every level. Developing quality test prep materials requires companies to adhere to the national educational curriculum. But, many services do not have adequate authoring tools and learning resources to scaffold learners’ development while adhering to curriculum needs.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is the leading PAT Mathematics test prep service provider for Australian clients worldwide. Our range of certified subject matter experts and online tutors. Our platform served high-quality and most effective test prep materials ensuring higher ROI for clients. Here, our specialists tailor the modules to specific curriculum needs and the educational levels of learners. Moreover, each assessment is delivered through a secure online platform. Acadecraft follows a blended learning approach that administers traditional and new-age learning resources. Our round the clock availability allows us to serve clients from different time zones. We provide affordable services. Also, our services target towards enhancement of learners’ competency ensuring higher ROI for clients.

Types of PAT Mathematics test prep services

Acadecraft has certified test prep creators who have technical, subject and communication expertise. They deliver accurate assessment services that adhere to Australian curriculum standards.

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Annotated assessment

Clients receive explanations of the key concepts. Our academic writers discuss common errors and misconceptions. Here, we incorporate study material links, illustrations, and other engaging elements. Clients explore solutions for rigid problems of PAT assessments hassle-free. It helps learners to emphasize broader skills rather than mugging up PAT questions.

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Video solutions

Acadecraft delivers formative PAT Math video solutions. Our specialists offer series of downloadable videos to clients. It involves a cycle of appropriate instructions, interactive notes and syllabus summary. Video creators utilize advanced tools to create formative video solutions to enhance learners’ mathematical knowledge.

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Remote learning

Clients easily connect with online learners through our developed remote learning infrastructure. We facilitate the continued learning progression from any place worldwide. We incorporate customized dashboards, discussion forums and discord servers in remote learning solutions. Independent learners easily access it with minimal external intervention.

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Clients try out our interactive flashcards with question and solution on its both sides. Here, we provide high-quality flashcards entailed with basic math terminologies and concepts. With us, clients receive engaging flashcards that increase learners’ productivity. Also, it boosts the data analysis and statistics competency where learners need more practice.

Our clients

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E-learning agencies in Australia opt for Acadecraft because we offer engaging and interactive online test prep services in various digital formats. Moreover, our solutions help clients in creating customized assessments under timed conditions.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services


Schools across Australia use our PAT Mathematics test prep solutions to deliver engaging materials that align with the Australian education pattern. Primary education institutes and learning centres are our major clients.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service

Coaching centres

Acadecraft formulates relevant learning resources for coaching centres. We create accessible learning modules to help them serve their learners worldwide. Our professional test prep services are fully compliant with the ACER standards.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we develop the most effective PAT Math test prep solutions. Here, we follow a multi-step approach to maintain accuracy. Thus, clients get regular feedback and updates on the project

First, our team analyzes the project requirements shared by clients. Next, our project manager designs the blueprint stating the required measures for the project. Then, SMEs, content creators and the production team develops the test prep solutions. Finally, our quality analysts review the test prep content and rectify errors.

Hence, we analyze, design, develop and review before delivering.

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