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About our K-12 Education services

The K-12 Education in Australia educate learners from primary level to senior secondary level. However, there are minor changes in education pattern across territories. Primary education begins in Kindergarten and runs for 7 – 8 years. Secondary school education runs for 3 years up to the 10th grade followed by senior secondary which includes year 11 and 12.

Today, innovative technologies and digital learning foster academic development. Several educational institutions lack in expertise to deliver optimum solutions. Thus, they land up seeking the assistance of a K-12 service provider.

So, Acadecraft delivers optimal K12 learning solutions to educational clients in Australia. With us, clients receive a combination of online and offline learning strategies. Our instructional designers and technical teams deliver education-specific IT help, training modules, platform and project services for all areas of education.

Types of K-12 education services

Acadecraft delivers customised models of teaching and learning to clients worldwide. Here, we provide high-quality, digitally-enabled education experiences to Australian K12clients.

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Acadecraft offers K-12 assessment services for online and paper-based deployment. Our subject matter experts adopt a comprehensive assessment strategy. We maximize the educational outcomes using best-in-class assessment and data management with successful technology implementation. Moreover, our methodologies adhere to best practices as outlined in the International assessment guidelines.

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Content Development

Acadecraft offers customized eLearning content for all K-12 clients. Here, content developers carry technical expertise in developing enriching and interactive content. Our subject matter academic writers and video creatorscurate interactive and informative courseware for all K-12 grades. They implement multimedia graphics and illustrations to make learning enjoyable. Also, our simulation modules help clients engage their learners better.

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Copy Editing

Acadecraft has a team of qualified copy editors. They have an eye for detail and detect minute errors. Our platform delivers constructive suggestions on grammar, language, semantics, spelling and refines the content to the final state. We choose the most suitable copy editor based on the subject matter and level of expertise required by the client. Our pricing model is affordable and transparent.

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Acadecraft has trained specialists skilled at handling large volumes of typesetting projects. We deliver our services for eBooks and print books for the K-12 domain. Here, typesetters transform a raw manuscript into consistent and structured print-ready formats. They incorporate the latest pagination software to organize and format documents. We follow a holistic indexing approach to make every word relevant in the subject.

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Curriculum Development

Curriculum developers and instructional designers build interactive K-12 solutions. They ensure the content is accurate, engaging and appropriate for clients. Our end-to-end solutions are adaptive, intuitive, WCAG-compliant, and device agnostic. Here, we conduct a detailed research process at various development stages. Thus, we follow a holistic approach to deliver the best K-12 education services to clients worldwide.

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Teacher-Student Manuals

Acadecraft offers affordable and interactive teacher-students manuals. Our subject matter experts carry expertise in explaining questions and concepts in a detailed manner. They incorporate advanced learning tools, teaching solutions and other training elements to elevate the education quality. High-resolution images and multimedia graphics make the manuals more engaging.Within few clicks, clientsshare manuals to masses across multiple devices.

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Video Solutions

Acadecraft supports next-gen learning with innovative video learning solutions. Our content developers transform classrooms into interactive learning centres. They utilize simulations and 3D models to better explain abstract concepts. Our video solutions are compatible with androids, desktops, PCs and more, allowing clients to present their learning materials quickly and with great clarity to distant locations.

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Quality Check

Acadecraft’s quality check services rectify errors and minimize risk areas from the content. Our copy editors, proofreaders, and quality analyst team eliminates misleading and inappropriate data. Clients get flawless content without any outdated data. We employ plagiarism checks, grammar checks software and other tools to ensure content accuracy. Our proofreaders refine the content for quality teaching, by incorporating easy to understand and standard vocabulary.

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How It Works?

At Acadecraft, the work process initiates with analysis. The project manager identifies the best resources and tools for the project. Next, they share the project details with the developer team. They execute the guidelines suggested by the project manager. Moreover, to ensure accuracy, they incorporate accurate tools and resources. Finally, the quality analyst team reviews the project. They evaluate the accuracy and information level of the project. After the quality approval, clients receive the final delivery.

To sum up, we analyze, identify, execute and review before delivering the project.

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