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Acadecraft offers professional English Language Test preparation services for all the major tests, including TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, PTE, and others.
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Key Issues

The English Test Preparation services providers must address the varied needs of different clients. The test preparation services must be able to cater to both immigration-based clients as well as local clients. The service providers must understand that every consumer does not hold the same depth in English. So, they should mold the services to cater to both the weak and the expert. The test preparation experts must have an in-depth idea of academic research. Also, they must be able to derive conclusive points from the previous year’s trends. It will help the clients in catering accurate assessments. Also, test preparation services providers must follow the question pattern and keep researching the essential topics and curriculums covered in recent years. They should offer services for all the major English Proficiency Tests in Australia. They must deliver the services within deadlines and offer full-time delivery support.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we believe in delivering accurate research-based English Test Preparation Services. Acadecraft has a large panel of Subject Matter Experts and Test Preparation Experts who have a long experience preparing efficient test preparation services. Hence, our experts are highly qualified and have been following the English Proficiency Exams for the last ten years.

We analyse question papers in detail and create a conclusive overview of the probable questions. Also, we work in close coordination with our clients and deliver the required data and service within the deadline. The assessment papers are curated based on the research output of the previous trends. Subject Matter Experts at Acadecraft prepare study materials for all the essential topics as per the question pattern. In addition, we offer separate services for individual English proficiency exams in Australia like TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, and PTE. Our experts analyse the different exam patterns and draw a comparative study between the various exams. As a result, we help our clients in understanding the trends of the exams accurately. Also, our clients come from almost every educational sector, including Education Industry, Elearning Industry, and Coaching Institutions.

Types of English Test Preparation Services

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Assessment Papers

Researchers curate the assessment papers after examining the types of questions asked in the previous year’s examinations. The assessment papers include all the probable questions in the exams. The clients also get 24x7 support from our experts for any content-related issues in the assessment papers.

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Curriculum Research

Subject matter experts of Acadecraft examine the trending topics based on the past years' question papers. The curriculum researchers suggest study guides, find out the most crucial concepts and design a test preparation curriculum. These expert-curated curricula are most effective during any English Test Preparation.

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Trend Analysis

All the topics included in the syllabus are not equally important. So, our trend analysts examine and compare the trending concepts of the previous years to derive conclusive solutions. As a result, we help clients determine the topics that have the highest exam probability in the coming years.

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Study Materials

We cover all the essential topics in detail in our various English Language Test Preparation Study Materials. Our Subject Matter Experts coordinate with curriculum developers to prepare the materials. Also, these study materials are comprehensive, curriculum-based, and focus on relevant trending topics and questions.

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Previous Years Question Papers

Acadecraft offers the previous year’s question papers to needy clients. We keep records of previous year’s questions from a minimum of 5 to 10 years. Along with the question papers, we also offer their expert solutions, and study guidelines, and suggestions for effective scoring in that particular paper.

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Solution Sets

Our subject matter experts curate customised solution sets for our clients that contain explanations in easily understandable language. Moreover, we offer time-bound service for all the solution set requests. We also provide post-delivery services on an urgent basis if any content-related issue arises in the future.

Our Clients

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Test Preparation/Coaching Centres

The test preparation centres often require to analyse the question trends and relevant topics. So, Acadecraft helps them with the trend analysis reports and curriculum research. With the help of our services, our clients can develop effective study materials and assessment papers.

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft delivers study materials, assessment papers, curriculum research, and many other relevant services to our client educational institutions. So, we help them structure an impactful curriculum that guarantees academic and exam successes.

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eLearning Industry

The Elearning industry often needs all the previous year’s question papers, study materials, and research-based assessment papers. So, our Subject Matter Experts and Test Preparation experts effectively cater to all their demands.

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How does It work?

The English Test Prep services include preparing assessment papers, researching relevant curriculum and topics, trend analysis of previous year questions, and many more services.

Initially, we connect with our clients and understand their requirements. Then, our trend analysts and research experts collect all the research data in one place and deliver them to our subject matter experts. Our subject matter experts then curate interactive assessment papers and study materials using the researched data. We thrive to provide all the services on time. After delivery, if the client feels the need for any further support, we are always there to help.

Thus, we connect, understand, research, produce and deliver accurate services to ensure seamless test preparations.

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