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The TOEFL test is an English Language test covering reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The test preparation service providers often focus more on the reading and writing sections, ignoring the listening and speaking skill. So, it often leads to insufficient test preparation and below-average results. Hence, the TOEFL preparation services providers must ensure equal focus for all four sections.

The test preparation service providers often lack quality subject matter experts and research analysts. They do not have much experience examining question paper patterns and fail to point out the existing trends. As a result, the test guides are ineffective and often misguide the clients. So, the test preparation services providers must have qualified SMEs and invest more in trend analysis and question paper research.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have a large panel of highly qualified and experienced Subject Matter Experts experienced in creating TOEFL preparation strategies. Also, our specialist trend analysts and curriculum researchers have been following TOEFL trends for the last ten years or even more. They keep researching the various question patterns, trending topics, and examination styles. It helps them in predicting the exam pattern and topic trends for the coming year.

Our experts give special attention to the listening and speaking test preparation strategies. They work on previous year’s success trends to develop preparation guides to succeed in these sections. Also, they track the various writing test topics to generate a detailed analysis of the trends. It helps in gaining an accurate insight into all the important and expected writing questions.

We also offer online TOEFL preparation services like online doubt solving, tutoring, and online mock test services in Australia. Experienced Subject Matter Experts trained to deliver a very comprehensive TOEFL preparation curate these services.

Types of TOEFL Preparation Services

Our TOEFL Preparation services in Australia range from online test series to high research-based test preparation strategies to meet every demand of our clients.

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Assessment Papers

The TOEFL assessment papers are a collaborative work of our subject matter experts, trend analysts, and test preparation experts. So, they are curated after intense research to deliver the most accurate test pattern. Also, these assessment papers cover all the essential and trending questions of the TOEFL examination.

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Group Discussion Sessions

Our subject matter experts offer professional group discussion session services for our clients. These sessions are crucial to improve the speaking skills to succeed in the TOEFL Speaking test. Here, our experts deliver lectures on all the previously asked and probable questions of the TOEFL exam.

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Listening Activity Sessions

These expert-curated and professionally delivered listening activity sessions follow the exact similar pattern of the TOEFL listening tests. So, clients can use these services to get a clear idea of what to expect from the listening test of TOEFL. Thus, it helps clients in building effective strategies for TOEFL Listening test preparation.

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Question Trend Analysis

Acadecraft offers expert trend analysis services. Our professional trend analysts keep researching the previous year’s questions. So, they sort out all the trending topics, compare the questions asked and observe the repetition and similarity of the questions. Hence, we help clients by accurately predicting certain questions.

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Online Mentoring Session

The TOEFL preparation often needs expert mentoring. So, our subject matter experts deliver expert mentoring sessions services for our clients. Our experts are well qualified and have a long experience of providing TOEFL mentoring sessions. Also, they cover all four sections of the TOEFL exam in these sessions.

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Solution Sets

Our subject matter experts and Q and A specialists prepare solution sets. So, they contain a detailed analysis of the questions along with relevant examples. Our experts create them based on the client’s needs and demands. The solution sets follow the answering style required to succeed in TOEFL.

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Previous Question Papers

Acadecraft offers the previous questions for various competitive exams, including TOEFL. We have an extensive database of question papers of the last five to ten years. Our experts curate question papers based on the most frequently asked questions and other similar aspects, if requested by the clients.

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Practice Materials

We prepare the practice materials for TOEFL after deep research of question trends. Hence, they are a perfect blend of previous year questions and expected questions. Also, we tailor them to meet the specifications of our clients. Our experts also offer full-time support to our clients in case of content-related issues.

Our Clients

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Test Preparation/Coaching Centres

With the help of our services, our clients develop effective study materials and assessment papers. Moreover, we deliver detailed insights into all the previous year’s question patterns. We also help our clients in forming an effective test preparation strategy.

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft offers multilingual preparation guides, study materials, assessment papers, and research data to our client educational institutions. As a result, we help to structure an effective curriculum to enable better TOEFL preparation.

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eLearning Industry

Our Subject Matter Experts and Test Preparation experts design test papers, study materials, and mentoring and tutoring services for our clients from the eLearning industry. These services are provided both in offline and online mode.

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How does It work?

Our experts first connect with our clients to understand their TOEFL Preparation services requirements. Then, our project managers assign tasks and ensure smooth collaboration between our research team, subject matter experts, and test preparation experts. Later, our subject matter experts receive all the research data from our research analysts and implement the results in their projects. Our quality analysts review the content before delivery. We always ensure on-time project completion and timely delivery. We also offer full-time support to our clients for all our projects.

Hence, we connect, understand, assign, execute, review and deliver the best TOEFL test-prep services.

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