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Providing Customized Learning Platforms With Unique Branding And Image

Acadecraft creates flexible and scalable e-Learning platforms solutions for clients worldwide.
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Key issues

Creating customized eLearning platforms require expertise. Many service providers deliver customized eLearning platforms for enterprises. They guarantee access to didactic materials for the students via a learning management system (LMS).

However, most fail to utilize the latest technologies to enable life-changing outcomes for online education. They cannot design learner-centric courses to foster deeper learning and engagement. Many do not integrate customized dashboards, online forums, and other interactive elements. Their platforms rarely target self-paced learning and shareability. So, training employees and learners using those platforms is not worthwhile. Hence, before partnering with any agency, clients must ensure that all these issues are taken care of.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft designs customized eLearning platforms for clients in Australia and worldwide. Our platform solutions allow the integration of various interactive elements as well. The technical experts and SMEs work together to deliver appropriate learning platforms as per the client's brand identity and learning goals. Our developers use various graphic designing, programming, and other essential tools to provide responsive and engaging eLearning platforms. We create branched learning platforms to train employees, clients, partners, and customers via online tutorials or live classes. A 24/7 helpdesk team is available to address client's concerns. We incorporate automation features that enable clients to auto-assign learning plans, schedule reports and synchronize users. Hence, our platforms guarantee higher enrolment, engagement and ROI.

Types of eLearning platform services

Acadecraft carries the technical expertise required to meet all business goals. We serve clients with different kinds of eLearning platforms that foster learner growth.

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Learning Management System

Acadecraft develops learning management systems with the basic training functionality required to host online courses. More than 700 courses can be easily integrated into this mechanism by the client's L&D team. Clients can also train external audiences with customized learning management systems.

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Learning Destination Sites

Online learning websites by Acadecraft are created using rapid-authoring tools where authors can upload or link courses to portals. Our digital editors incorporate high-quality visuals to make the learning sites more interactive. We deliver to clients across all industry sectors.

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Social media learning forum

Acadecraft offers social media discussion forums where instructors can connect directly to learners. We ensure round the clock interactions and feedbacks here. Our social media learning forums are accessible on multiple social media sites. It is user-friendly and delivers maximum ROI.

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Web conference software

We have programmers and software developers who develop web conference software for clients worldwide. It allows high participation, and learners' engagement as instructors can teach groups located across time zones. Easy to record and host, and high-quality graphics are the main USPs.

Clients we serve

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Acadecraft's compatible eLearning platforms make knowledge transfer easier for corporate clients in Australia and worldwide. We extend their business landscapes using the most accessible technology and ensuring the best technical support.

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E-learning agencies worldwide rely on our platform to get customizable and secure services. Acadecraft organizes and displays courses the way clients want on the dashboard and views current tasks and messages.

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Schools and universities seek eLearning platform services to connect with remote learners. Acadecraft enables them to deliver interactive lesson materials through our platforms. Our platforms have online grading, annotation tools, notifications, feedback options, and more.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, we first understand the client needs. Then, we research the target audience and design a blueprint based on it. Then, we choose the best CMS or LMS for the client's project. The team then integrates individualized learning paths, videos, written exercises, and more into the eLearning platforms. The technical team polishes it using attractive User Interface (UX) tools. The quality team runs a test session and reworks on loopholes before final delivery.

Hence, we understand, research, design, choose, integrate, polish, review and deliver.

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