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Acadecraft is an eLearning platform providing exemplary consultation on PQA to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The PQA (Personal Qualities Assessment) is an online assessment that examines the personal attributes of learners applying to medicine programs in Australia. However, the educational clients in Australia do not have specific faculties with specialized medicinal knowledge. Also, they lack in the test prep process because they are engaged in other administrative tasks as well. Clients worldwide rely on the academic success of learners. Therefore, they approach professional test prep service providers.

However, not all test prep agencies have the experience or resources to ensure higher ROI for clients. Not all test prep services have experienced instructors. Also, most agencies lack the cognitive skills and experience required to prepare optimal test prep. Moreover, they don’t have subject-specific knowledge to pick the right or wrong answers to the questions. Thus, a credible and reliable service provider for PQA test prep is a must.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft we, offer an array of standardized PQA tests prep services for clients worldwide. Here, our academic team comprises expert trainers and consultants who hail from top universities worldwide. Over the years, we helped several clients increase their ROI using our test prep. Our subject matter experts have teaching experience in the fields of medicine, dentistry, clinical sciences for decades. Acadecraft’s test prep solutions include IQ based questions including verbal, numerical and spatial problem-solving queries. Also, we prepare strategies for the styles and structure of the interview questions for PQA assessments. With us, clients get multilingual services. So, they connect with a worldwide audience. Here, our online tests are designed to assess a range of personal qualities of learners. We are available round the clock for clients hailing from different time zones.

Types of PQA test prep services

Acadecraft maximizes the potential of educational clients to educate learners through our wide range of test-prep services.

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Q and A

Acadecraft delivers effective (use effective or essential) question and answers. Also, we deliver a series of multiple-choice questions on verbal understanding, reasoning and mathematical ability. Clients who do not always have in-house experts to curate Mental Agility Test, approach our platform. It helps them to develop situations where learners make decisions according to their opinions and value.

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Online coaching

Acadecraft provides online coaching, preparation tips and other study resources. Our subject matter experts are proficient in computational tasks. Also, they carry expertise in virtual instructor-led training that is helpful for organizations. Clients receive pre-coaching solutions and post-coaching solutions like practice question wording, crash courses and workout sheets.

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Quick notes

Acadecraft has a specialized team with expertise in developing engaging quick notes for PQA. Here, they integrate quality control mechanisms that underpin all modules covered in the assessment. Our professionals incorporate hundreds of concepts with an easy-to-use learning method to guarantee success on the PQA.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft’s in-house professionals provide workshops to clients. We consult clients on several ways to better prepare PQA test prep solutions for their learners. Our platform is available 24/7 to host PQA workshops online and on-site. We always integrate authoring tools and resources to deliver optimal sessions. Also, we offer clients best practices to speed up learning development.

Our Clients

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Australian eLearning agencies associate with Acadecraft to receive interactive test prep materials. eLearning clients operate their learning programs by integrating our engaging notes, online coaching and Q and A services.

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Educational institutes in Australia and worldwide connect with Acadecraft. Here, we provide round the clock online coaching and workshops to our valuable clients. They count on us for effective test prep solutions.

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Coaching centres

Acadecraft designs online learning modules of PQA for coaching centres. We have advanced pedagogical tools to maximize their learning potential. Our round the clock consultation helps clients to deliver high-quality education to learners.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, our specialists curate exemplary PQA test prep services. Here, our academic team incorporates pedagogical tools and advanced resources to deliver high-quality material to clients.

First, our project manager analyzes the clients’ requirement. Then, they negotiate the price quotation and design a blueprint. Next, our strategists and developers execute the blueprint using appropriate methods, guided by project managers.

Finally, quality analysts review the content and run the test session to figure out the lessons.

Hence, we analyze, negotiate, design, execute and review before delivering projects.

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