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Acadecraft is a leading educational services provider offering customised lesson plans for the K12 level to clients in Australia.
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Key Issues

The education industry regularly requires efficient lesson plans to deliver its services efficiently. But, lesson plans must follow specific methodologies. So, educational organisations often search for a professional lesson plan developing company with certified lesson plan experts. However, the service providing experts often lack experienced lesson plan developers. Their subject matter experts often lack adequate knowledge and training regarding lesson plan development. So, they fail to prepare the products efficiently.

Also, the clients often expect the service providers to conduct adequate research before developing the lesson plans. However, many services providers lack sufficient curriculum researchers. Hence, they may miss some vital points while designing the lesson plans. The clients must include all the essential topics appropriately into the lesson plans.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has specialist lesson plan experts who are certified in their respective subjects as well as teaching methodologies. They have vast experience of teaching their subjects and preparing effective lesson plans for the same. We first discuss and study the curriculum prescribed by our clients. Our curriculum researchers then research the relevance, depth, and importance of the individual topics. We incorporate all our study results to design tailor-made lesson plans that effectively fulfil all the client’s objectives. Hence, our lesson plans are fully customised and help the clients deliver effective services to their learners.

We deliver expert-curated lesson plans for more than 45 K12 subjects in Australia. We customise and modify the products as per the specific needs of the clients. Hence, we deliver weekly lesson plans, unit and chapter-specific, and yearly lesson plans covering the complete syllabus. We provide our services strictly within deadlines. Our services are incredibly affordable, effective, and result-oriented.

Types of Lesson Plans Developed by Acadecraft

Acadecraft develops and delivers lesson plans for different lengths and duration of the course. We provide the following types of lesson plans to our clients.

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Five-Step Lesson Plan

The five-step lesson plan is developed for the lesson that is delivered on a particular day. Our experts include teaching objectives, deliverable instructions, guided practice activities, short assessments, and independent practice or homework activities. Our clients can use our services to deliver appropriate lessons regularly to their learners.

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E-Lesson Plan

Our eLearning experts design efficient lesson plans for online tutoring. These expert-curated lesson plans help our clients to deliver thoroughly engaging and understandable online lessons. The lesson plans include interesting questions, short and engaging explanations, the essential points that need elaboration, and short assessment activity.

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Unit-Based Lesson Plan

Our senior subject matter experts design an efficient lesson plan to help deal with the individual chapters and units. We deliver research-based hour division charts for particular topics included in the unit. Our clients can use the unit-based lesson plans to decide how many days are required to deliver the lesson adequately.

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Inquiry-Based Lesson Plan

The clients often require lucid enquiry-based lesson plans for delivering scientific and technical topics. Our experimental learning experts design unique inquiry-based lesson plans which are engaging and enjoyable. At the same time, we ensure that the suggested experiments cover all the important points included in the topic.

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Weekly Lesson Plan

Our lesson plan experts develop two types of weekly lesson plans, one, if the clients wish to continue with the same unit throughout the week, and second if the clients are ready to deliver multiple chapters in a single week. We customise the lesson plans to ensure sufficient time for the critical topics suggested by the clients.

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Yearly Lesson Plan

We design the yearly lesson plans after adequate research. We include the units that should be completed in particular weeks and months, the timelines for formative, interim, and summative assessments, and allocated hours to each topic. Our experts strictly follow the curriculum prescribed by our clients.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisation

Acadecraft delivers daily lesson plans, weekly lesson plans, and yearly lesson plans to educational organisations regularly throughout the year. We offer affordable services and full-time support.

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E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft delivers lesson plans for online lessons, animated videos, ppts, explainer notes, assessments, and other services to the eLearning industry clients. We follow the WCAG guidelines for accessibility.

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Tuition Centres

Acadecraft delivers customised lesson plans, customised study materials, assessment papers, and many other services which help our clients to schedule and deliver their educational services efficiently.

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How it work?

Acadecraft first connects with the clients to clearly understand their requirements and learning objectives. Once we know their needs, our experts conduct adequate research. After researching, our lesson plan experts develop effective lesson plans incorporating the client’s instructions and research results. After completing the lesson plans, our experts deliver the products to our testing team. The testers collaborate with our clients for testing the lesson plan. If the clients are satisfied with the test results, we deliver the products. Otherwise, we do the required modifications.

Hence, we discuss, understand, research, develop, test, modify, and deliver!

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