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Offering Customised IELTS Test Preparation Services to Our Clients

Acadecraft is a leading EdTech services provider offering specialised test preparation services for IELTS.
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IELTS test preparation requires expert-curated strategies. The clients often search for IELTS Preparation Services offering research-based preparation strategies for IELTS preparation. However, the test preparation service providers often lack expert research analysts who can accurately analyse the exam-related data. Lack of research leads to ineffective preparation strategies.

Also, the IELTS Preparation services often do not have specialised test preparation experts and subject matter experts. The test prep service providers must have experienced academic resources that deliver accurate services. Experts should have a detailed knowledge of both the IELTS Speaking test and IELTS Listening Test pattern to curate preparation strategies for both formats.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has a renowned and trusted panel of well-experienced subject matter experts and exam research analysts. So, we have specialised IELTS test preparation experts who have been researching the IELTS examination for quite a few years now. Hence, their experience helps us curate the most effective IELTS Preparation strategies. Also, our exam analysts use the latest technologies to analyse the question trends and patterns accurately. They also locate the essential and most frequently asked questions.

We design professional study materials according to clients' needs. Also, we create assessment papers, mock tests, test series, and solution sets. Our services are effective for both academic and general training versions of the IELTS exam in Australia. We have expert tutors offering services to our clients. These experts often conduct speaking sessions for our clients and their students.

Types of IELTS Test Preparation Services

We offer a wide range of IELTS Test Preparation Services in Australia. We tailor our services as per the needs of our clients. So, all our solutions ensure maximum client satisfaction.

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Mock Test

Acadecraft prepares unique mock test services for clients. Our subject matter experts design them in collaboration with the exam trend analysts. Also, we follow the latest IELTS exam pattern and questions asked in the previous examinations.

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Assessment Papers

Our experts customise the assessment papers according to clients' needs. So, clients use our assessments to analyse the progress of their learners. All our assessment solutions follow the latest IELTS guidelines. They involve all the important and trending questions.

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Study Materials

The study materials include all the essential topics of the IELTS exam. These sort out the most and the least asked concepts and design their test preparation strategies accordingly. Our clients use the study materials to effectively guide their learners.

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Question Trend Analysis

The questions from the previous IELTS tests are analysed to understand the pattern of essential topics, question repetition patterns, and other details. This data is then analysed to predict the expected question pattern for the coming tests.

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Test Preparation Strategy

Our experts often help our clients in curating accurate IELTS test preparation strategies for their students. So, it includes a robust analysis of question trends, clients' needs assessments, and effective solution curation.

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Solution Sets

OThe solution sets comprise the detailed solutions to the queries and questions demanded by our clients. We explain the answers in detail with multiple relevant examples. The appropriate writing style is also taken care of in these solution sets.

Our Clients

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft offers customised study materials, preparation schedules, guide books and assessment papers to our clients belonging to educational institutions. Hence, it helps them effectively prepare their learners for the IELTS exam.

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Test Preparation Centres

Acadecraft offers mock test papers, assessment papers, and study materials to our client IELTS test preparation centres. We also deliver detailed insights into all the previous year’s question patterns. Our solutions help clients in forming an effective test preparation strategy.

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eLearning Companies

eLearning companies use our online mock tests, online tutoring services, and study materials for impactful IELTS test preparation. Also, we provide online tutors with immense experience in mentoring for IELTS preparation services.

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How does It work?

Initially, we connect with our clients to understand their IELTS test preparation requirements. Then, our project managers assign tasks to each team member. They also ensure smooth collaboration between our research team, subject matter experts, and test preparation experts. Following this, our researchers provide the required information needed for delivering the services to our SMEs. Based on the findings, our subject matter experts create the test prep, which our quality analysts finally review before delivery.

In addition, we ensure on-time project completion and on-time delivery. When needed, we also offer full-time support to our clients for all our projects. Hence, we connect, understand, analyse, collaborate, curate and deliver to ensure a hundred percent IELTS success.

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