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Inculcating Easy Learning By Delivering Professional Video Solutions By Creating Interactive and Impactful Videos

Acadecraft is redesigning the learning experience by creating bilateral, gripping, and solution-oriented video solutions for its prestigious partners.
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Key Issues

Visual learning amplifies understanding and is the vogue in education throughout the world. Many students throughout Australia and the world find reading monotonous as it does not allow learning on the go. Videos, however, keep students engaged and at ease which intensifies their concentration in the course. To put it another way, maintaining student-centered learning is difficult. Clients need consistent innovative solutions to create videos that help students obtain a more robust and consistent understanding of the subject.

Because of the wide range of course material, video solutions must be highly interactive, creative, and engaging. It is not easy to find an e-learning service provider team with in-depth knowledge of the education system, curriculum, multiple subjects, and technological literacy obligatory for delivering new K12 video lecture solutions.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Our company's video creators and video editors work abreast with Subject Matter Experts to design videos that visually impact the learner and impart knowledge. That way, our clients can be sure that their purpose of seamless and systematic learning is served. We aim to raise student engagement by expanding learning beyond the classroom and providing students with self-directed education and remediation opportunities. To decrease students' traditional dependency on textbooks, we develop new ideas to attract students towards institutional learning. We tailor video content for each student. Our services are delivered in multiple languages across the globe. They increase ROI, learning output, and sales.

Types of Video Solution Services

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Step by Step Video Solutions

We provide step-by-step video solutions with the assistance of Subject Matter with the help of cutting-edge technology and real-time IT platform support. We use state-of-the-art video and audio gadgets and other high-end accessories to offer live face-to-face learning experience solutions through our professional video lectures.

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Video Lesson Development

Acadecraft creates engaging video-based lessons with interactive infographics, chart-by-chart explanations, neutral "accent" voice orientation, and persuasion anchoring by Subject Matter Experts to help students understand the topic easily.

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Animated Videos

Acadecraft carefully renders captivating animation videos to offer desired e-learning solutions to valued clients. We generate animated videos in 2D, 3D, and for educational purposes. We are well-equipped with updated animation software to be at par with the global animated video standards.

Our K12 Clients

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Our e-learning clients range from schools and colleges in Australia to online tutoring firms. We have been providing impeccable e-learning video solutions services to a diverse client type. With proven expertise in using the latest tools, digital platforms, and subject matter, we serve our clients with only the best solutions.

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Acadecraft provides interactive video lectures for publishers who publish online and offline video content as CDs. We ensure that our video solutions do not become a problem for students and deliver innovative, interactive, engaging, explanatory, and descriptive video solutions to seemingly complex topics.

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How does it work?

Our process flow at Acadecraft ensures that learners get better ideas, in-depth understanding, and easy-to-understand video content to ace their curriculum.

We begin by understanding our clients' needs and identifying potential video production areas. We then document the required efforts. Following that, we create a script and then design the template/blueprint accordingly before developing relevant material. Finally, our content analysts and editors evaluate the details and language accuracy.

In brief, we understand, identity, document, script, design, develop and assess before delivery.

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