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About our test prep services

Long-time educators and global education companies seek reliable test prep services to fill learning gaps. Today, there is a cutthroat competition in meeting global education standards from the comfort zone. Besides, college & university exams, school level exams, or language exams are challenging tasks to clear for learners. Hence, educational clients worldwide or in Australia seek assistance from professional test prep services providers.

Acadecraft is the global business leader providing high-quality and customized test prep solutions. Acadecraft is comprised of certified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), test prep instructors, academic professionals, and researchers. Thus, clients globally rely on us when it comes to test prep solutions. Moreover, they prefer our multilingual test prep solutions because clients have their user base worldwide. At Acadecraft, we offer 24/7 educational assistance in form of online tutoring, video solutions, practice tests, flashcards, and Q&A services. Primarily, we ensure higher ROI for our valuable clients.

Types of Test Prep Services

NGSS & STEM item writing service
English language test

Acing the language proficiency test has always been a daunting task for learners. Hence, we provides a range of English language test-prep services. Here, we provide researched content and solution sets for the following exams

Technology Enhancement Item Development Assessment Development Services

Acadecraft offers interactive test prep services IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Also, we offer customized IELTS test prep modules in the form of mock tests, assessment papers, question trend sets, and others.

Talent Assessment & Development Assessment Development Service

Acadecraft delivers customized TOEFL test prep strategies that build the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of learners. Also, our mind booster solutions like online mentoring and question trend analysis are the trendsetter of modern TOEFL test prep strategy.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development
School exams

Most of the Australian public schools and private schools seek our test prep services. Here, our academic professionals carefully prepare the test prep solutions with effective pedagogical tools. Also, we make young school learners ready for the following exams.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

At Acadecraft, we offer textbook solutions, online tutoring, printable test prep solutions, and others at the best quoted price. Here, we carry high-level expertise in global teaching and serving multilingual solutions with an updated STAT syllabus.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development
PAT Maths

Acadecraft delivers customized PAT Maths test prep services in the form of video solutions, flashcards, and remote learning solutions. Here, we integrate adequate authoring tools and learning resources to scaffold learners’ development in PAT Maths.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Clients try out our PAT-R test prep solutions to build academic proficiency in learners. Here, all PAT-R test prep modules like Q&A, Flashcards, and technical support. Also, our platform meets the Australian education and curriculum standards in PAT-R assessment.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers interactive PAT-Science test prep solutions entailed with key scientific concepts. Here, we provide digital solutions, interactive worksheets, or diagnostic test solutions. Also, we emphasize application-based learning instead of rote learning in PAT-Science test prep modules.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development
PAT Maths Plus

Acadecraft provides high-quality PAT Maths Plus test prep modules that build mathematical proficiency in learners. Here, we serve choice boards and study guides with accurately illustrated solutions.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft has certified instructors and a production team to develop engaging content for COMPASS courses. Here, our solutions comply with ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research). Also, our range of solutions includes customized web based assessments, practice tests, and revision notes.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft is a credible platform for TORCH test prep solutions. Here, we deliver video solutions, assessments, printable materials, and online tutoring that facilitates TORCH learning. Also, our top-tier academic professionals deliver clients top-notch results.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers affordable and round-the-clock test prep services for NAPLAN assessment. Here, our customized test prep solutions are accessible for all sorts of learners. Moreover, we deliver video solutions, practice tests, and online tutoring.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development
College and University exams

The best test prep company delivers goal-oriented results for college and university-level exams. Here, our basket has the following test prep solutions for these respective exams.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers engaging LSAT test prep solutions that gauge learners’ performance in different LSAT modules. Here, our customized test prep modules build the clients’ competency. Thus, we deliver them remote learning solutions and video tutorials.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft delivers optimal UCAT test prep solutions with an updated curriculum. Here, we integrate interactive elements that build the brand’s loyalty to clients. Thus, our academic professional's research to develop accurate and updated test prep content for UCAT.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

High-quality and engaging ISAT test prep solutions by Acadecraft are clients’ preferred choice. Here, we create effective test prep solutions like study guides, video solutions, and online tutoring. Moreover, our multilingual test prep modules allow clients to connect worldwide learners.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft makes learners familiarize themselves with the type of GAMSAT questions. Thus, we provide clients interactive online modules with the latest syllabus and downloadable features. Moreover, our GAMSAT solutions are compatible with devices and platforms.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers high-quality PQA test prep modules by utilizing cutting-edge tools and learning resources. With us, clients receive optimal solutions because our professionals provide multilingual services. Moreover, our interactive solutions meet the self-paced learning requirements of learners.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft’s high-quality GMAT test prep services measure the analytical and aptitude ability of learners. Hence, we provide effective test prep solutions for GMAT to worldwide clients. In this, we serve flexible solutions like flashcards and practice exam packs for GMAT problems.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft delivers effective medical knowledge, making learners ready for MCAT. Here, our certified MCAT instructors and developers devote themselves to curate high-quality on-demand courses. Also, we provide round-the-clock consultation to clients.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft offers effective ISEE test prep modules that are entailed with an in-depth explanation OF ISEE queries. Here, we provide immersive learning solutions in the form of virtual coaching and flashcards. Also, we cater multilingual ISEE test prep solutions to different business solutions.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft provides accurate and efficient SAT test prep modules to worldwide clients. Here, our customized solutions ensure learners' maximum SAT scores. Also, it tests learners’ ability in different SAT modules like reading, writing, and math.

Psychometric Assessments Assessment Development

Acadecraft delivers high-quality SAT test prep services meeting Australian curriculum standards. Here, we meet the L&D objectives of clients by serving video solutions, online tutoring, and others. Also, our professional ACT test prep service fits into every professional budget.

Our Clients

E learning item writing service


Acadecraft is a valuable partner of the Australian and worldwide eLearning platforms. Here, we provide optimal test prep services that facilitate online learning for competitive exams. Also, we develop high-quality multilingual solutions for worldwide online learning portals.

K12 Schools Assessment Development Services


Australian schools and universities count on Acadecraft to receive optimal test prep services. Here, we deliver high-quality solutions that make worldwide learners exam-ready. Also, learning centres worldwide seek our effective test prep modules.

Colleges Universities Assessment Development Service


Global publishing industries (digital and print) rely on our platform to avail of test prep services. Here, we cater to their business objectives. Also, we deliver them test prep modules that meet the global educational pattern and syllabus.

process item writing service provider

How it works?

Acadecraft follows a holistic approach while delivering test prep services. Here, deliver goal-oriented results to clients in Australia. Also, we ensure learners’ engagement through our effective service.

First, our project managers collaborate with clients and share the price quotation on the project. Next, our strategists pick the right solution for the project. Then, our developers’ team executes the plan utilizing authoring tools and developing content. Finally, quality analysts review test prep modules and evaluate their accuracy rate.

Hence, we collaborate, pick, execute and review before delivering.

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