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Delivering Compatible & Engaging Scenario-Based Learning Modules

Acadecraft develops scenario-based learning modules after analyzing client’s audience profiles.
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Key Issues

Scenario-based learning strategies offer an active learning approach to learners. Here, they encounter real-life scenarios which are challenging to train in actuality.

However, most clients do not have the technical expertise to develop scenario-based learning modules. Also, they lack the advanced tools and solutions required for the development process. So, they seek professional expertise. But all service providers do not have the ability to understand and identify learning gaps. They cannot incorporate real-life challenges for a better outcome and associating them with training objectives. Therefore, clients must confer with eLearning service providers that design appropriate scenario-based learning modules for a wide range of concepts. They must have the expertise and resources to deliver worldwide and 24/7.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning content developer in Australia. We reinvent training programs by incorporating engaging scenarios, stories, and simulations. Our developers focus on creating custom learning experiences that connect with learners. They blend sophisticated instructional designs, multimedia, and technology to deliver optimum solutions. Clients receive interactive programs that enhance their brand reputation. We foster real-world relevance, storytelling, collaboration, learner-driven emotional engagement and immediate application of learning. We serve global clients, and our worldwide delivery service grabs the attention of different industries. Our scenario simulations are learner-centric and yield the maximum profits. We are available 24/7 to deliver services worldwide.

Types of scenario-based learning services

Online Scenario Learning Solutions
Scalable learning solutions

Acadecraft allows clients to work with a volume of learners, giving them a range of choices. We deliver personalized scenarios to individuals. Here, learners are free to draw their conclusion and follow the self-paced learning approach. Our offered solutions are overlaid with text, characters and intuitive layouts.

Scenario Learning Solutions
Soft-skill Learning Scenarios

Acadecraft delivers mobile-friendly interactive scenarios to develop learners’ soft skills. Especially, our formative feedback helps them understand the impact of their actions and identify the right approach. We provide a series of scenarios to clients that mitigate similar conflicts raised in the organization.

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Professional Skill Development

Acadecraft uses different types of scenario-based techniques to check if the learner can apply their learning. Also, we help them practice different hazardous professional skills in a safe environment. Our scenarios range from simple to very complex that enhances the professionalism level.

Scenario Learning Solutions
Immersive scenarios

Acadecraft rolls out training programs with emotionally charged scenarios. Here, users learn and feel the impact on their decision. Additionally, the scenarios consist of social polling that gives users extra knowledge of how others react to their actions.

Scenario Learning Solutions service provider in USA
Application Simulations

Acadecraft offers application simulations integrated with checkpoints to master learning. Clients use these checkpoint learning modules to motivate learners to learn more in less time. Moreover, it helps the learners practically apply the learning.

Clients we serve

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Service Providers

Acadecraft delivers interactive scenarios to service providers worldwide. Our training modules increase the productivity and maximize ROI for clients globally. We ease learner communication with the best-scenario based learning process.

Scenario Learning Solutions


Australian marketing agencies pitch sales using our scenario-based modules for marketing. Clients also receive interactive scenarios to train sales executives and drive sales. The modules fulfil their professional requirements and develop scenarios for marketing programs.

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Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft introduces scenarios in elearning modules to enhance the success rate of the class. Here, we make learners experience challenges they might face in the real world. Clients train them for complex circumstances without any actual risk.

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How does it work?

At Acadecraft, first, we understand the client's needs. Our project managers then analyze the project and designs a blueprint of the services needed. The digital team then creates the scenario-based solutions by integrating interactive elements like VR solutions, audio, graphics, and more. Then, the quality analyst team conducts a test session to determine the loopholes. They ensure the final draft is flawless by removing all loopholes.

Hence, we understand, analyze, design, create, integrate, review and deliver.

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