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Increasing Mathematical Efficiency Of Learners To Help Them Ace PAT Math Plus in Australia

Acadecraft is a leading test prep service providing PAT Math Plus test prep to clients worldwide.
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Key Issues

The PAT Math Plus (Progressive Achievement test in Maths Plus) is an assessment that evaluates the mathematical proficiency of learners from Grade 3 to 10. Being a mathematical assessment, it requires specialised knowledge but most clients lack subject specific knowledge. Also, they don’t have certified instructors or learning resources to prepare their learners. They lack in identifying learners who need special diagnostic and remedial attention towards the subject. As a result, they connect with professional test prep services.

However, not all service providers are proficient with mathematical knowledge and advanced resources. Besides, most of them cannot curate test prep materials compatible with various digital platforms. Also, not everyone is familiar with the administrative instructions and test content. Clients get engaged in other administrative tasks. As a result, they don’t get time to prepare effective test booklets and answer sheets for each learner. Finally, they sometimes plagiarize the test questions and answers from the internet. But, it this leads to copyright issues and compromised learning. Thus, a credible and experienced test prep service is essential for clients.

How can Acadecraft help?

At Acadecraft, we deliver a complete package of PAT Math Plus test prep materials. With us, clients receive fully worked solutions for all questions. Also, our subject matter experts and instructors offer optimal solutions for sophisticated questions. Our learning modules are designed with the latest specification and adhere to the Australian curriculum standards. Here, our academic team uses the latest test-prep strategies to prepare learners. Acadecraft provides interactive online quizzes and printable worksheets for PAT Math Plus assessments at affordable prices. We cover numerous topics like Algebra, Numerical analysis, Mensuration, and other relevant topics. Also, we introduce new memorization techniques in our solutions that help learners to retain knowledge. For worldwide clients, we are open 24/7. Our helpdesk team aligns with clients’ requirements to ensure higher ROI.

Types of PAT Math Plus test prep services

Acadecraft provides a range of PAT Math Plus test prep solutions to worldwide clients. From one-to-one Online Lessons to updated teaching manuals, we provide all test prep solutions.

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Online tutoring

Acadecraft has certified Math instructors with years of teaching experience. Our platform delivers proprietary teaching materials and techniques. Also, our customized learning plans address each learner's requirements. Clients receive all time technical assistance and learning support in online tutoring sessions.

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Choice boards

Acadecraft mixes graphics and illustrations while allowing learners to choose the correct answer. Our platform delivers customize choice boards that provide clients different learning opportunities. Also, it helps them to differentiate and support learners at their own levels. Our production team adds links to each image that allow learners to click and get instant results.

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Acadecraft offers digital and printable worksheets to clients. Worksheets contain updated questions with different complexity levels. Here, we provide dot paper (joining dots to crack answer), graph papers, bubble answer sheets (OMR), tabular charts, and others. It helps clients to teach new math techniques and save time.

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Study guide

We design interactive study guides with high-quality illustrations and standardized mathematical concepts. Our academic team integrates short notes to help learners approach different questions. Also, Acadecraft provides exercises on different topics like numbers, ratios, percent, equations, polynomials, exponents, and geometry.

Our clients

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Australian e-learning clients are associated with Acadecraft for PAT Math Plus test prep materials. Also, we adhere to licensing agreements for clients who want to purchase our test prep solutions for their eLearning programs.

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Many Australian educational institutions are our valuable clients. They prefer our study materials rather than outsourcing from other tutoring services. Here, we provide them official practice tests, worksheets, and 24/7 online tutoring features.

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Coaching centres

Acadecraft offers a range of learning tools and test prep resources to coaching centres. Clients receive valuable content aligned with updated PAT Math Plus syllabus. We meet the high-quality curriculum standards and education pattern of Australia.

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How it works?

At Acadecraft, we deliver flexible test prep solutions to clients worldwide. Here, we deliver optimal resources to help clients prepare their learners.

First, our project managers analyze the clients’ requirements. Next, they strategize the test prep material by designing a blueprint. Then, content developers and the academic team execute the blueprint by developing test prep material. Finally, the quality analyst team reviews the content for accuracy and efficacy.

Hence, we analyze, strategize, execute, and review before delivering.

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