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Acadecraft is a leading eLearning company offering CAE test prep to clients worldwide.
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The CAE exam conducted by Cambridge is an advanced English language test. Its preparation needs research-based strategies. So, many test preparation centres and educational institutions in Australia prefer to take help from CAE Test Preparation Services Providers. They are expected to be specialised in CAE test preparation and have adequate research analysts.

However, most of the test services providers do not have subject matter experts who specialise in CAE preparation. This leads to ineffective preparation strategies. Also, the study materials offered by test preparation services are often written in highly complicated languages. Such kind of study materials does not serve any purpose to the clients, as they need to rewrite them. The inexperienced test analysts fail to bring out important points, hence resulting in incorrect assumptions. All these issues have a lethal effect on the client’s business.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has specialist CAE preparation experts who keep researching the exam pattern and essential topics. Our expert test analysts analyse the previous question papers using various data analysis techniques. They offer a complete statistical report which helps our clients in making accurate predictions of the question pattern. Subject Matter Experts who specialise in CAE test preparation develop our sample papers and study material. Most importantly, most of our experts are CAE certified. They apply their experience in strategising CAE preparations through study materials are written in a comprehensive language and cover all the levels of the CAE exam. We offer a detailed analysis of all the essential topics to our clients. Our clients can use these analysis reports to form an effective curriculum for CAE preparation.

Apart from these, we also offer printable mock tests and assessment papers. These mock tests are both in print-ready and digital formats. We believe in delivering all our services promptly. We also offer 24x7 support to our clients.

Types of CAE Exam Preparation Services

We offer research-based professional CAE exam preparation services in Australia.

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Paper-Based Sample Tests

Acadecraft creates sample tests in both printed and digital formats. Our clients may also customise these tests according to their own needs. Subject matter experts and trend analysts together create these test papers. They cover all the trending topics expected in the examination.

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Computer-Based Sample Tests

Acadecraft has the latest software and CBT test mechanisms that our clients can use to conduct Computer-based Sample tests. Our clients can even request our subject matter experts to develop customised question sets for these tests. The questions will follow the same pattern as the CAE exam.

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Practice Materials

Our exam preparation experts develop the practice materials. They cover all the levels of the CAE exam. Our clients can use these practice materials to create the problem-solving aptitude of their students. The practice materials follow an increasing difficulty pattern of questions.

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Study Materials

CAE-certified experts develop the study materials. They have experience in developing accurate study materials for CAE preparation and write understandable study materials. Our clients will get all the essential topics at one point through these study materials.

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Preparation Strategies

We develop customised preparation strategies according to the needs of our clients. These preparation strategies are a result of thorough research and trend analysis. We are mindful of all our client requirements like time duration, level of development, and more. Clients may also request changes if needed.

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Trend Analysis

The previous question paper data are analysed by experts using all the latest technologies. Clients use these reports to analyse the change in question patterns and guess the expected question pattern. Our analysts can also deliver customised reports highlighting the aspects requested by our clients.

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Mock Test Series

Our CAE preparation experts develop the mock test series. They incorporate the expected exam pattern and important questions. We deliver the mock test series to our clients in both online and printable modes. Our clients can customise the various aspects of the mock tests according to their own needs.

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Solution Sets

We offer fully customised solution sets for the various needs of our clients. These solution sets contain detailed explanations of the solutions demanded by our clients. Highly qualified subject matter experts write them as per the writing style preferred in the written test of CAE.

Our Clients

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Test Preparation Centre

Our experts deliver customised assessment papers and mock test papers for the test preparation centres. Our experts also help in developing an effective preparation strategy and curriculum for CAE Exam preparation.

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Educational Institutions

We deliver study materials, assessment papers, practice materials, and other relevant documents to our client educational institutions. The clients can request customised study materials for their students.

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E-learning Industry

Acadecraft offers various digital CAE preparation services like Mock Test Series, Computer-based Sample Tests, and many other services to our clients. Our clients may approach our subject matter experts for tutoring services as well.

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How It work?

We connect with our clients to understand their requirements in detail. Once we know what we have to do, our subject matter experts and curriculum researchers collaborate to deliver the project. Our researchers conduct thorough research and provide the data to the subject matter experts. Our subject matter experts then mould the researched data into their professionally curated services. Once the products are ready, our quality analysts review them. They ensure that the services are error-free. We follow strict deadlines to deliver the services on time and offer after-delivery services as well.

Hence, we connect, understand, research, curate, review and deliver the best CAE preparation services!

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