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Acadecraft is a leading educational services provider offering tailor-made solution manuals to client organisations for more than 45 K12 subjects in Australia.
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Key Issues

The education industry regularly requires appropriate solution manuals for their internal use. They also refer the manuals to their learners. So, it is very important to ensure that the manuals are accurate and affordable. But, many solution manuals come with a lot of mathematical errors, spelling and grammar mistakes. Such solution manuals create a lot of confusion and affect the learning process. In addition, some solution manuals contain many irrelevant answers which do not align with the curriculum followed by the clients. Hence, these solution manuals prove to be insufficient for the clients.

That is why educational organisations often search for professional solution manual developing companies to develop customised solution manuals based on the client’s requirements. But, many services providing companies offer only objective and non-elaborative solution manuals. Even if they provide elaborate answers, their answers are often inaccurate and complicated. It is because they lack experienced solution writers. Their SMEs are often inexperienced and have insufficient knowledge of the syllabus. So, they add many irrelevant points in their answers. It results in inefficient solution manuals, which cannot fulfil client’s needs.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has experienced subject matter experts who are specialists in solution writing. We offer answer keys, non-elaborative answers, and elaborated solution manuals to the client organisations. We customise the answer pattern based on our client’s requirements. Also, we strictly follow the curriculum prescribed by our clients. Moreover, we have experienced quality analysts who repeatedly check every individual solution to ensure accuracy and originality. Hence, our solution manuals are error-free, comprehensive, and tailor-made for our client’s.

Moreover, we offer solution manuals for more than 45 K12 subjects in Australia. It includes all the major subjects like Science, Mathematics, English, Humanities subjects, and many other languages. Acadecraft delivers all the services strictly within deadlines. Our solution manuals are incredibly affordable. If the clients require any modification, we offer free editing services even after delivery.

Acadecraft has adequate resources to handle large scale projects. We deliver regular services with long-term commitments to our clients. Our experts are available 24x7, and hence we offer full-time support to the client organisations.

Types of Acadecraft’s Solution Manuals

Acadecraft delivers different types and formats of solution manuals to meet all the client’s needs. The different types of solution manuals developed by us are discussed below.

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Objective Solution Manuals

The objective solution manuals contain only the answers keys for the objective questions like MCQs, Assertion-Reasons, etc. They usually do not contain a detailed explanation of the solutions. However, our SMEs add the explanations separately if our clients require the same.

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Non-Elaborative Solution Manuals

The non-elaborative solution manuals contain short and to-the-point answers for the questions available. Such solution manuals are most appropriate for fill-in-the-blanks, one-word answers, and other short answer questions. We modify the answer pattern based on our client’s demands.

Customized solution Manual Services in AUS
Elaborate Solution Manuals

These solution banks contain a detailed explanation of every question. We develop the solutions to every type of question, including both objective and subjective questions. For objective questions, we explain the reason for the answer using understandable language.

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Chapter-Wise Solution Manual

The chapter-wise manuals contain a detailed explanation of all the questions included in the chapter suggested by the clients. We deliver elaborate answers to every type of question. Our solution manuals contain relevant answers based on the content of the given chapter only.

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Subject-Wise Solution Manual

The subject-wise solution manuals include the solutions for all the chapters included in the curriculum of that particular subject. The clients can suggest the important chapters relevant to their curriculum, and we will customise the solution manuals accordingly.

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Year-Wise Solution Manuals

The year-wise solution manuals contain solutions to all the subjects included in the curriculum of that particular year. Our clients suggest the subjects and the chapters they require. We develop solution manuals for all years, from year 1 to year 12.

Our Clients

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Educational Organisations

Acadecraft delivers customised textbooks, question banks, solution manuals, lesson plans, and many other services to schools and educational organisations regularly. We always offer full-time support and continuous service throughout the year.

professional solution manuals for textbooks in AUS

E-Learning Industry

Acadecraft is a leading eLearning service provider in Australia. We offer multiple online learning services to meet all of the client’s needs. It includes online tutoring and doubt-clearing, online tests and exams, eBooks, study materials, interactive and AI-based activities.

professional Customized solution Manual Services in AUS

Tuition Centres

The tuition centres regularly require customised study modules, assessment papers, solution manuals, practice papers, worksheets, and many other services. Acadecraft delivers all the services efficiently within deadlines. Our services have a very high ROI value.

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How it work?

Acadecraft first connects with the client organisations to know their needs. We discuss the project in detail to understand their objectives. Then, our subject matter experts start developing the solution manuals. Once the products are ready, our quality analysts check the accuracy and originality of the solutions. If the products are error-free, we deliver the solution manuals to the clients. Our clients can request further modifications, if necessary.

Hence, we connect, understand, develop, check, and deliver the most appropriate solution manuals to the clients.

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